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December 21 2009

(SPOILER) Preview Pages For Buffy Season 8 #31.

A magic blast! From the future! The weirdness with Willow and magic in this season is approaching even my limit. Ah well. I think it's going somewhere good. Buffy being able to fly and hiding it is both nifty and very Buffy.

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I think Willow needs more than a one shot. Because I just don't understand her character at all anymore.
I'm so confused, so Joss writes this episode, then we get a standard four / five part arc, then the final arc? So we're done by October? Oh gosh that's soon? Also, presumably this isn't the start of the story because how did everyone get free from the bad guys? Captured then, now all fine? Am I missing a comic somewhere.
I can't wait, this looks great.
I have no clue why Willow and Oz are not captured, given the end of #30. Please let there be a reason for this and not like the sloppiest plotting ever?

But heavens, I don't know how much I really care. This looks amazing.
Best opening to an issue we've had in a good long while I think. Love Buffy's internal thoughts and love the Willow and Oz dialogue. Really intense stuff happening for Will, and I'm wondering if it really IS something connected to her future self or if that's a sort of mislead. It mentions some sort of "cataclysmic event"...wait...end of magic? Really hadn't expected Willow to get her powers back, especially this fast.

And Buffy's right. Her power upgrade DOES feel natural. Especially now that we're getting her reaction to it.
Unless someone screwed up, that was definitely Willow in the prisoner line at the end of #30. The face is impossible to make out, but aside from being a redhead, she's also wearing Willow's outfit from earlier in the issue (blue ankle-length skirt, purple long sleeve shirt). Yes, I really am enough of a geek to have gone back and checked everyone's outfits to try and see who was in the line =p That was how I ruled out Faith being in the line too (or if she was, she wasn't shown).
Yes because we know the entirety of the situation from those six pages, it's definitely time to question the plotting and to set our magical suspension of disbelief standards.

I mean Joss is writing it, and his work is always simple and straight forward. [!]

Sarcasm still sitting above this sentence, I'd like to point out the greatest sentence ever: "Doing it with Willow was weird." My brain went to a happy : )
Yeah rocknjosie, that line was kinda epic...hilarious! "Doing it on my own is weird"...ateeheeheehee!!!
Well, don't forget--the Willow on-shot that released between 30 and 31 might be splainy.
"Doing it with Willow was scary."

People Increasingly Intrigued by a Gayer Slayer (PIGSquared) issued a statement today responding to the first line of dialogue in issue 31 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The statement read:
"Oh, yeah."
I have never felt so antsy for a Buffy comic before.

Is anyone else worried about the consequences of Willow getting her magic back? Or maybe "is anyone not worried" a better question.
iwearthecheese; Honestly, I'm not worried; that's what Willow is. (Then again, if you're thinking of th Fray Arc I have my own position on that which differs from many.)

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