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December 21 2009

DeKnight gets some Whedony company on his new series 'Spartacus'. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon will be joining DeKnight on the series. Which cable channel Starz's has already renewed, before the pilot has even aired.

She says our new job. Does that mean Jed is joining her?
They are a writing team, so that's my assumption.
I know, but I did not want to assume anything. I did tweet her back asking if the "our" was indeed her and Jed as a team.
So glad she tweeted this since I spilled the beans to someone today. Yay for the both of them. I'm pretty excited about this show. I'll be dropping HBO and picking up Starz just for this show next month.
If only Dollhouse got such treatment. I have to be honest -- I'm not sure if this interests me so much. I may check it out.
She just confirmed it's her and Jed working together on it.
Has anyone seen anything about this show that talks about something other than the violence and nudity? (That's a serious question). I've been really hoping that Mo and Jed get work, given how mind blowingly awesome their Dollhouse eps were, but I've seen nothing at all about Spartacus to attract me to it. If anything it seems to reek of the "we'll remake a classic with better effects; more sex lots of graphic violence, and much less moral exploration and story, so of course it'll be better" trend. Which you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of. But maybe the publicity undersells the show?
I love Lucy Lawless, so I'll certainly be watching the first episode. That said, the promos look a bit violent for my tastes. I'm with sojourner in hoping that there's more to the show than that.
Thanks for the confirmation. While the advertisements are not particularly intriguing to me, I'll still check this show out because it seems to have a strong creative team.
I've already planned to see this show, and now with Maurissa and Jed? I want it now!
Andrew Chambliss and Tracy have also been working on it. (two other Dollhouse staff writers). Spartacus' wife, Sura, is also played by somebody who was in Dollhouse (lurking in the shadows).

I've seen it as a week ago the network sent me everything they have finished so far. It's not a show for everybody here. But it's a show, and even before I realised they had DH people on it I liked it. I posted a review up on
I'm all about sex and violence. But according to reviews, that's not all it is, it just happens to contain some of each. I'll give it a shot anyway.

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I wasn't going to watch it, but I think I'll give it a shot now. As long as it's more than just violence. Jed and Mo are so good at writing cerebral television, I would hate that talent to go to waste.

Congrats to them though, it must be nice to have stability in their job.
I should have checked End of Show, gossi - good review. Definitely made me think I'll give it a go. If anyone has seen others, I'd love to read them.

You mean Erin Cummings? :)
I dunno, I wasn't going to watch it since I'm not even that interested in that genre, but I'll have to push through it now. True Blood has too much distracting sex for my taste (yet I like the show) so I hope the case is the same with this.

Plus, Lucy Lawless!
I think that's great for Maurissa and Jed. I'm happy to see them get involved with another series so quickly. I don't get Starz, so I won't be watching. But, if the reviews are good, maybe I'll get the DVDs down the line.
It's very violent, and kinda gross in places. Which will immediately remove a portion of the Whedonite audience, I guess. Also - a guy having sex with another guy pops up (excuse the pun) a few episodes in. Which, you know, awesome.

I'm not completely sold by the first few episodes, but I think it absolutely has potential. For me.

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I'm not sure about the setting really... Anything shot in New Zealand with a historical setting like that will inevitably have that foul stench of Hercules and Xena to deal with... Also, if Point Pleasant taught me anything it is that just because something's from the mind of a Joss alumni doesn't make it slam dunk... But I'll keep following this closely.
After seeing their amazing work on Dollhouse, I know that I'll need to check out anything that J-Mo work on in the future. I don't get Starz though, so I guess I'll be waiting for the dvd.

Personally, I'm more concerned about the violence than the sex in this show. I'm not a fan of uber-violent films. I just hope that the story manages to take a front seat to all the sex and violence, rather than the other way around. But with DeKnight and J-Mo, I have hope. :-)
Djungelurban said:
"I'm not sure about the setting really... Anything shot in New Zealand with a historical setting like that will inevitably have that foul stench of Hercules and Xena to deal with..."

Were you thinking of Hercules and Xena while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy ? It didn't come with that baggage, for me. Roar (Heath Ledger's first breakout role, State-side) was filmed in New Zealand as well, standing in for Ireland somehow, aired around the same time as the Herc/Xena franchise, and it managed to rise above both of those in terms of containing less cheese and having its setting feel fresh/look different.

"Also, if Point Pleasant taught me anything it is that just because something's from the mind of a Joss alumni doesn't make it slam dunk..."

Very good point, that.

But Spartacus just looks cool so far (thanks for the heads up on the guy-on-guy scene(s?!) gossi, extra potential eye candy incentive to tune in). Violence and sex doesn't bother me in fiction. Looks a lot more promising at this point, with promos and interviews, than Point Pleasant did at the same point in its life (admittedly, Spartacus is more my kind of thing).
Oh yeah, that trailer reminded me - it looks way to expensive to be on TV. Hopefully it gets the ratings Starz want.
Great. Now Maurissa can post spoilers for this show too. Poor Steve, he doesn't deserve it any more than Joss did.
Maurissa is quite good at flagging spoiler articles she links to on twitter.
I've seen her miss a couple, and realize it after. So have a lot of us done the same. Happens.

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Which is why Twitter = the end of days.

(well, Twitter and 'Heat' magazine combined. Twitter's probably the end of mornings and 'Heat' is the end of afternoons)

Was will be watching and now still am will be watching only moreso. Sex and violence are fine if they serve the story (and how do you tell a story about a gladiator/soldier without violence ?) but if it's gratuitous then not so much. But then, by definition, that's also true of cars, balloon rides and tropical fruits to name just a few.

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