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December 22 2009

Video trailer for first dedicated Dollhouse convention. Sweet! You can find more information here.

I decided a month or two ago I'm going to go to this. No doubt (due to the cost) I'll have to go by myself, which is sad - Need to hurry up and get the tickets actually.

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Already booked :D Can't wait to see the Dichen and Miracle again (plus all those other guests I've not met before)
I'm still on the fence regarding attending or not.. If that questionmark gets filled by a picture of Felicia Day I might have to empty out the piggybank
Dude! I want to go!!!
I'm on the fence about this one. Sign up Enver and
I'm good to go, though.
I like their choice of music for the trailer.

This is well beyond my means... I can hope, however, that someday some of the cast will wander into my little northwestern corner of the world so I can take the bus instead of a plane.
It's on my list for after I win Powerball on Wednesday.
I'm with METAI....
Figures. I won't be in London until the 16th... Well that sounds about right for my luck. Grr. Argh.
Ha! Disco!

Actually, the editing and clip choices for this are sensational! It feels like legitimate opening credits for a show, albeit a campy 70s' show. Still, I'd watch that. :)
Vid's editing is not bad (I don't like the music personally) but the content is great - In fact I swear you can see Felicia Day briefly in the disco...

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