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December 22 2009

(SPOILER) Rick Fox moves into the Dollhouse. Eliza's real life beau has a minor role that gives away a HUGE plot point. Spoilers for other casting as well.

Ho-ly crap. Well guys, that could mean anything...
Wow. I'm ashamed of the reactions people are having in the comments of that article. Rick is great guy and a true gentleman. It's sad to see him being disrespected like that.
Oh wow, it's Jackson Vahue from Oz. Best show ever.

Great news!
I want to look...but the non-spoilers part of me doesn't...
Maybe Rossum can wipe me after looking
Unfortunately, I clicked the link from what Ausellio tweeted and I had no idea that it gave away that until it was too late.
It's not really that big of a spoiler, to be honest.
It really kinda is unless by the mere fact of Epitaph One existing, you take this knowledge for granted already.
I guess Gossi, I mean Epitah makes it kinda obvious.
I think the bigger deal is actually seeing something like that in print. It makes it real.

Also the comments... its general EW/Ausiello fare.
Hrm, does that mean he's getting imprinted as his original Rick Fox self or he's just a guy context of the show?

I dunno though, it seems like an interesting spoiler in that this happens episodes before Epitaph Two, which is sort of where one would expect any big character movements to go down?
I KNEW IT! Eliza is in bed with Fox! Oh wait...

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