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December 22 2009

45 indelible moments from 2009 TV. Includes some of our favourites, such as Topher meeting Bennett, Dexter's Thanksgiving, the BSG finale, and Barney Stinson's video resume.

Good call on April in In Treatment.
Is Better Off Ted somehow related...or am I going crazy?

I do this with a lot of shows/films. I think that somehow they're Whedonesque.
I was really hoping to see the clip with Nathan Fillion as Castle dressed up as Mal on that list. Guess not. :-(
Grrrrr... The BSG finale... Don't mention it... It makes me cranky...
I'm lightening up to the BSG finale, actually. Don't get me wrong, it still ruins the show but I'm slowly (read: very slowly) coming around to liking it. I have never rewatched any of BSG though... this could all change.

Also this Better Off Ted thing, its everywhere currently. This must be what it was like for non-Dollhouse watchers... loads of people shouting about how brilliant their little geeky show is.
Go watch Better Off Ted or I will give you to Veridian Dynamics to use as a test subject.
I practically devoured the first season of In Treatment, but had to abandon the second season due to Real Life. This makes me think I should give it another go.

As for BSG... I didn't dislike the ending, but I think everyone had issues with the series somewhere or other along the way. Even so, it doesn't change the fact that, overall, it's completely awesome. This list also reminds me that I'd better finish watching Dexter season 3. Arggh... so much TV/books/life/everything, so little time. :(
Topher meeting Bennett would definitely NOT be on my list of indelible moments in television from 2009. My list certainly would include Topher's conversation with Victor-as-Topher, or Victor as Topher in general although that would be more abstract and less moment-y.
I'm still waiting to see the last season of BSG, but I agree that it is a flawed masterpiece. Everyone does have a particular season or a few story arcs that they didn't particularly like, but the fact that we wouldn't care so much about any weaknesses the show does have if it wasn't so brilliant. And there have only been a few episodes I've ever seen that I actually thought were poor or weak. I think a lot of the time the fact that BSG goes off in an unexpected direction or confronts us with challenging ideas is commendable, and I think on repeat watches people can appreciate the strength of the writing without the shock factor.

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