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December 22 2009

The Most Badass Women of the Past Decade. TWoP gives us a list of butt kicking chicks of the decade that include a little blond from Sunnydale and a Terminator.

Personally I'd say Sarah Connor herself is more badass. Cameron is built to be badass, Sarah is one through necessity.
Eh how did Alias win? terrible show and terrible acting...not like i'm biased or anything...but Buffy should have been #1...she fought when she didn't have her powers on her 18th birthday!! Totally counts!
...Where is River?
BLueSkies: Well, that ep. aried over 10 years ago, but so did the one they drew their picture from . . . .
Hmmm, "the unique ability to transform into a woman six inches taller in the middle of fights" sorry, but relative heights can only be judged on a screen if people are standing next to each other and you can see their feet and they're not Jose Ferrer. but, hey she's got enoguh pwoers to get thigns done.

Sigh, and I voercame my prudery to post in this thread too, depsite the title. Time changes all of us.
Sarah Connor in James Cameron's Terminators, Yes. In T:TSSC, no. T:TSSC was always The John and Cameron Show. I never thought (unless a repeat watch is needed) that Sarah showed any spectacular badassery. I mean, she was awesome, strong and everything Sarah Connor should be but never really had the time to shine in the two seasons we got.

You probably can prove me wrong by pointing out some of the things I'm forgetting.
...Where is River?

She wasn't especially badass in Firefly. She didn't get badass until Serenity, really. And since this is a television list, no reason for her to be there.
Oh yeah I for forgot that DaddyCatALSO, but just a point...Sophia Crawford was only an inch taller than were all subsequent whoever did the article was kinda exaggerating...just a little...
Did someone just say Alias had terrible acting?

Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner and Amy Acker would like a word with you.
Jennifer Garner being the issue...not a fan of her particular approach to acting...same with Jessica Alba's acting...
She wasn't especially badass in Firefly.

I thought she was pretty badass in "Objects in Space." Zoe is oodles more badass on any other day though.
I think she got the nod because she's the lead on this list who didn't have "otherworldly" gifts except maybe extreme luck. I love the Buffster, but I do understand the complaint that she's not as identifiable because no woman (or man for that matter) can identify with being given super powers. Ugh, I just realized that this is EXACTLY what they said in the caption and I hadn't read it until after I posted this. Hooray Captain Obvious!

They can however identify with the idea that with the right training and enough intelligence, one COULD be a super spy. That's not really true either, but it feels true.

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River wasn't badass in "Objects" in the way this list was shooting for, though. That was all mental badassery. I don't disagree about Zoe, though.
I didn't think Jennifer was that bad.
Please. Zoe is infinitely more badass than almost anyone else on that list...except maybe Starbuck, who could beat Sydney any day of the week.
Buffy had superpowers, yeah, but her real power was something we can all do: making friends. Without the Scoobies she'd be pretty badass, yes, but with them she changed the world. A lot.

So if you say she's not identifiable, remember what Spike said about her in "Fool For Love" and remember that we can all do what Buffy does. Up to a point.

Hmm I suppose it was largely about John and Cameron but she was occasionally badass (I forget exact examples at present...) and badass in the sense of how she was fighting for the benefit of her son's life. That's its own kind of badass.
Starbuck would kick TWoP's unjust ass for this "number 4" slur, were she not too busy drinking whiskey and being mindbendingly hot somewhere in space heaven.
All of the women on this list literally kick ass. I thought it was going to be about just being awesome, because Veronica Mars would surely deserve a place on that list, if not the top spot.
Tricia Helfer (as Caprica 6) belongs on this list. If a cyborg is eligible, so should a Cylon be. :)

I'd still put Buffy in the #1 position, with Starbuck #2.
Sarah Connor for sure. She lives every minute of every day in a militant mindset, ready to kill anything that walks through the door, and spending most of her time preparing for it. Is that psychologically healthy? Nooooo. Badass? Yes.
Veronica Mars was seldom kickass (thankfully, it would have been silly for a petite blonde (without supernatural powers) to be able to physically take down some of the people she did) but occasionally taserass.
Yeah, my first thought was where is Zoe on this list. And I definitely think Buffy needs to be at the top. But I love Sydney Bristow. She kicked it every week.
Buffy totally needed to be at the top of the list. :)
Sarah Connor and Zoe should have been included as well. I know Farscape was cancelled in the early part of the decade, but I think Aeryn Sun had enough bad-assery to make the list, too.

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