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October 30 2003

David Fury talks about Buffy, books, and TV The Northwestern Chronicle, a student newspaper at the university Buffy turned down in "Choices," has a short interview with David Fury about his inspirations and favorite Buffy/Angel character.

I do enjoy like a David Fury interview and Drew Goddard ones as well. Larger than life writers who really don't take themselves seriously.'s good to see people enjoy what they do
btw, yay simon's blue now! color suits you much better if i may say so
Yes, the blue is nicer. The silver looked more like bolded white. You're all regal now. ;)
the fun continues on SPIKE-- I mean, ANGEL...

A humourous slip of the tongue... or is it?

He made the same kind of jokes on the Succubus Club last May. Him and Tim Minear ripped through a lot of different fan factions. Saint Spike, anti-Spike, anti-Angel-with-anyone-but-Buffy-cuz-their-luv-is-4eva, Kittens, etc. From other articles I've read about DF, it's something he does every time he opens his mouth. He's a fan of parody. Either self parody, or mercilessly mocking every group of fans that take themselves too seriously. It certainly makes his comments more interesting than the stuff that's usually out there.
I like David Fury. Same things all you guys said above.

BTW- I don't see the blue, Simon still looks like 'bolded white' to me...

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