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December 23 2009 The best TV of the decade. FTA: What can you say about the vampire series that launched a million vampire series? How about, "This one didn't suck"?

FTA: Salon's Laura Miller best summed up the brilliance of Joss Whedon's cult hit when she wrote, "Whedon's original idea, to take 'the little blond girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed in every horror movie' and make her the hero of the story, mutated into a remarkably flexible and inventive way to portray the terrors of adolescence.

Now I love Lost (a lot) but to give it the number 1 spot above Buffy, Mad Men, The Wire, BSG and The West Wing? Really?

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Firefly is nowhere to be seen. As a result, the writer and editor of this list are dead to me. Carry on, internet.
Gil, where are you reading? I see The Wire at the number 1 spot. In fact, I don't see Lost anywhere.
I'm not seeing Lost anywhere on that list, either.

I'm partial to Buffy, so it would get my number 1. Firefly would be there, too.

I haven't seen The Wire, but I hear great things and have seen it on so many "best of" lists. I think it's about time it was added to my Netflix queue.
Lost isn't on the list - Survivor above Buffy?????? Survivor on the list at all???
Just getting to the rest of today's posts, Lost is number one on the other list from an earlier post.

I must have completely overlooked Survivor on that list. I'm not a reality TV fan, so my mind probably just blocked it out completely.
Ah, I commented on the wrong post... I was indeed looking at the other list!
The two lists are easily confused, there's so much overlap.

I think the critical consensus is gathering -- and I'm very glad our girl is in there.
Survivor and Battlestar Galactica make the list but no Lost? :eyeroll:
They had me until "surprisingly formidable." Not sure what that means.
The first season of "Survivor" was riveting. It did something new and it did it in a very compelling way. That and it ushered in the era of reality tv. For that reason I think it does deserve a place on a "best of decade" list, despite my sadness to see so much awful reality tv on the air now.

"Buffy," "Firefly," and "The West Wing" should be on all such lists. Some different picks than I would make here but the only thing I really would object to is "Everybody Loves Raymond." I don't see how it's such a brilliant take on a sitcom. It's always seemed pretty standard to me.
Have people criticizing Survivor actually watched the show? It's actually really fun, and the first season was a cultural phenomenon. I would put it below Buffy, of course.
Great list. Reminded me how brilliant television can be these days. The auteur genius is alive & well in! (Though I do agree with Sunfire about "Everybody Loves Raymond" 'cuz everybody...umm...doesn't....)

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The Simpsons AND Everybody Loves Raymond AND Survivor above Buffy? That's kind of bewildering. I watched the first couple seasons of survivor, and it was okay, but really? What was its significance? Th same for the other two... I agree with the above: Raymond was standard. The Simpsons, whilst I know people vehemently defend its awesomeness, I've never seen anything of value in it.

I guess I'm biased, but REALLY? The Simpsons > Buffy...
Well, The Simpsons is, in its prime, one of the smartest, quickest, wittiest shows ever made, and moving too. Just one problem: its prime ended in about 1998. There are good episodes in this decade, but not enough for it to deserve a placement in the top 10, and probably not even the top 40. Everbody Loves Raymond was a well oiled sitcom, certainly, but nothing exceptional.

Anyway, nice to see Buffy still making some rounds. And I love Deadwood as well, and Mad Men and....
I really hated Everybody Loves Raymond. Really, really hated
Haven't seen many episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" but it's the first time i've heard that it's "Widely revered among comedy writers as one of the best comedies in television history...". Though in fairness I don't talk to many comedy writers.
I think Raymond has that same thing going for it Two Men does. It seems to get a load of critical attention, but seemingly everyone hates it immensely.

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