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December 23 2009

Trailer for Syfy series Riverworld - with added Tahmoh. It's due to hit screens next year.

Hmmm... that looks interesing. Also? Gaeta and Helo? Niiiice!
I think it looks sort of fantastic. Plus Peter Wingfield is great.
Peter Wingfield will be playing Richard Burton (the explorer, not the actor)--who was actually the protagonist in the first Riverworld book. I hear they wanted an "American" hero for the TV movie, which is actually Syfy's second try at adapting the story. So they hired a Canadian...

I read the Philip Jose Farmer books long ago; they started out strong but got a bit silly. So I could probably get all picky-face about all the changes involved in the adaptation to TV.

But I'll probably just tune in for Helo/Ballard & Gaeta. (And Methos.) And try to judge it for what it is.

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I rather like Riverworld, and didn't mind the first adaptation, but this one looks to be better. Also as a series, it offers an especially marvellous opportunity for guest appearances, which is usually a Good Thing™. Roll on, Riverworld, says I!
I'll be sure to check out both the books and the series, probably in that order.
The more Tahmoh the better I say. I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms already so am looking forward to this. Merry Christmas one and all at Whedonesque!
Wow, that aint my daddy's Riverworld.
What scares me is how good I've gotten at identifying Canadian actors.
Is it possible that SyFy (virtual yuck for the dumbest spelling gimmick ever) is actually putting out a quality production? I haven't read the books, but this looks very promising.

Glad to see Tahmoh getting more exposure right away, I think he has tremendous talent and potential.
Woohoo, more Tahmoh. Great. And Gaeta. Nice.
And Peter Wingfield is always a treat. I even suffered through several episodes of 24 only for him.
Now I have to get hold of the books and read them again, because I read them ages ago and have not even a faint memory what happened in them.

2010 looks to be a good year, tv-wise. Now if Fran and Enver get new shows as well I'll be a happy camper. :-)
So, this is a miniseries? What are the chances of something like this getting a series itself?
What scares me is how good I've gotten at identifying Canadian actors.

yeah, after having watched bsg, stargate sg1 and atlantis, jeremiah, sanctuary, and andromeda (oh, and the recent 'alice'), i can pretty much pick out the actors. i don't thing "ooo peter wingfield," i go "ooo the dude who was a tok'ra and watson!"

and it's cool to see gaeta and helo back together again.
So they hired a Canadian...

Except that Peter Wingfield is Welsh. (Born in Cardiff, educated at Oxford.)
Tahmoh is the Canadian they hired to play the American "hero" of this version of Riverworld. We'll be seeing more of the Usual Canadian Suspects (AKA Five Degrees of Callum Keith Rennie), since this was shot in Vancouver. Tahmoh's role is an original character.

Richard Burton (played by Peter Wingfield) was the protagonist of the first novel; in this production, he'll be the "antagonist."

Comparing the preview & recent articles with my distant memories of the books, I'm pretty sure there will be many changes. Rather than joining the crew already compiling their points of contention, I'll just try to enjoy this production on its own terms.
I'd definitely check this out.
Ah, I thought that Wingfield's Burton would be the "hero." A shame, because I rather liked that element of Farmer's book, having a 19th-century polyglot explorer dropped into a sci-fi setting. Generic American action hero? Not so much.
These "people from different eras are reborn at the same time in the same place and hilarity ensues" plots rarely work... But it stars some people I like... I guess I'm gonna give it a chance.

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