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December 23 2009

(SPOILER) Angel Annual: Last Angel in Hell discussion. The last "Angel" comic from Lynch and Mooney hits today as does the last issue of the Angel: Only Human mini-series.

Thought it was a pretty funny satire of how dumbed down (most) blockbuster movies are. A nice little farewell to the After the Fall team.
I thought it was a fun read too.
Yeah, it was more of a waste than most of IDW's Angel comics. As I said elsewhere, it's simply not rewarding to see how wrong fake hollywood got a fake movie about a comic book plotline. Too many layers of "meta" in there for me to even find it funny as satire, contra Riker.
Gonna give it a miss, if that's the case jclemens. Not paying $7 for what sounds like pure self-indulgence (and while I liked most of the first arc run--pre-Kelly Armstrong--of the main IDW Angel comic, I think if humor is the intent of this one, that's one of Lynch's weak points).
If a three sentence review by jclemens made you give it a pass, I'm guessing you were going to give it a pass anyhoo.

To all those that did read it, and liked it, thank you. And Merrrrrrry Christmas!
If it's included in one of the trades I might end up buying in the future, I'll of course give it a read.

Disappointed in the bulk of IDW's Angel output, don't think there's anything wrong in saying/implying so once in a while.

Sorry if this comes off as dickish, but I'm not of the "if you don't have anything nice to say" mindset when it comes to commenting on entertainment. If the opinions of someone else (who's opinions line up often enough with mine that I'll usually trust 'em, same as lots of folks do with film and TV critics) influence others to save money on something that might not be to their liking (comic books are an expensive kind of lottery in the entertainment world) and up the chances of them spending it on something else that might be more worth their while, then that's not necessarily a bad thing. You're employed by IDW and you're defending your work, also natural and not inherently good or bad.

Happy Holidays/[insert holiday greeting of your choice] to you all as well.
Well, usually I review stuff I've actually read, but I see your point. Anyway, if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it.
Reviews are meant to encourage or discourage people from buying/seeing/listening to something.
I am hoping to pick this up today, though it's a difficult time to get to the comic store, especially since my local is notorious for NOT having what I want.

From what I've seen, it looks like great fun, and so far I have really enjoyed the Angel comics. Of course I have only gotten ones with Spike so I can't judge the rest since I haven't read them.

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Riker, I thought reviews were supposed to be detailed opinions on something the writer read/watched/listened to, etc. What the person enjoyed, what they didn't, you know.

Anyone that wants to read it and can't find it, I have a few that I can send, as late Christmas gifts. Not many, but I would be happy to do so. I am proud of this, and want anyone that wants to read it to be able to.
I think that from this point on in my lifetime, whenever I hear the name Wesley, I am going to automatically mentally tack on "my partner".

For what my opinion is worth, I liked the annual a great deal. I thought the story was fun and funny, and holds up with the best of what IDW has done with the property.

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Brian, I loved After The Fall and I loved last Angel In Hell. You're one of the few comic writers that truly capture the characters voices. Thank you for bringing these fictional people back into my life. I'm a HUGE Buffyverse fan and you've earned my trust as a continued reader. I just bought myself the Spike Omnibus for xmas and I look forward to finally reading Asylum and Shadow Puppets. Sorry to sound so gushingly sentimental, guess the Christmas spirit has set in, but I really appreciate the work you've done. And I promise I'm not the only one on this site that feels that way. Keep doin what'cha doin. Happy Holidays!

OMG. You should do an issue of Last Angel In Hell with Angel and Spike's shadows in the foreground watching the movie and making comments like Mystery Science Theater 3000. That would be hilarious. Just a thought.... Okay, I'm gone. :)
thanks guys, that was a wonderful early xmas present.
i anxiously await my trip to the comic shop tomorrow or next week.
i am soooooo looking forward to this.
Kudos to whoever came up with the toy advert on the last page. That was inspired. Great tribute to the 80s DC Superpowers line.

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