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December 23 2009

Brad Meltzer discusses his work on the penultimate arc of Buffy Season 8. The latest IGN Comics Buffy Season 8 comics interview features Brad Meltzer.

Twilight looks like Spike to me. Can someone brief me on if that's possible given Angel: After the Fall? I stopped reading it after the first hardcover, everyone is boobed up and it's not as good.
It seemed like an unusual idea to have Meltzer writing for S8. I was hoping to see some sort of explanation of where the connection happened. I guess Joss is just a fan.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just ask someone like Brad Meltzer to do a short writing stint for you? Joss wields his power nicely.
geratongs3000 ; After the Fall ended up being what basically amounted to a dream sequence, except everybody in LA remembered it all as real events afterwards.

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