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December 23 2009

(SPOILER) Promo pics for the second last ever episode of Dollhouse. Episode 12 a.k.a. "The Hollow Men" looks awesome. And look, there's promo pics for episode 11 "Getting Closer" as well.

I'm going to really miss Paul's angst. It's special. Oh and that thing Echo is in? Thanks for those nightmares, Dollhouse.

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I agree with Sunfire. Though not on the angst part...
Is that Amy that Echo is fighting? If so, that's all very Kelly Peyton.
Interestingly, there's a "Getting Closer" photo that's available from FOX that isn't in that set, but I think it's because they uploaded one twice.
Is Boyd wearing his "I wish we had more time" outfit from Epitaph One?
Wonder what Bennett and the DC Dollhouse team did to Madeline/Mellie/November. Guess we'll find out soon enough.
Can we speculate what they "removed" from Paul based on those pictures? I have new guesses now.
And since no one ever said this ever-Amy Acker is a beauty. I'm guessing she's not in Epitaph 2 for another haunting turn at Whiskey if these "present day" episodes eat up her 2-episode commitment?

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Amy has a 3 ep commitment if I'm not mistaken, so she could very well be in Epitaph Two.
She was in Vows, edcsLover9
The captions on the Fox flash website reveal some more about this ep. Seems like they are

More pics and those captions here:
What're your theorys, CaptainB?
Hmm, interesting. 'Course, everything's a guess at this point.

Oh, I suspect we'll be seeing more of Amy. Call it a tingle of the spider senses.
I imagine Bennett's going to die. Sucky.
I think November will die.
I think November will die.

Really? Why do you think that?
Really? Why do you think that?

Well, and I'll use spoiler tags here because I'm referencing E1. In the promo pics, it looks like Paul and her are fighting together or something, then he's covered with blood and a horrified look on his face -- from her death?? Finally, Madeline has always been quite a tragic character, and one who I think was written with a sort of dislike for, if that makes sense. Not anything to do with Miracle Laurie because she's fantastic, but I always found Mellie and then even Madeline to be the type of character that you'd end up killing off.
But in that E1 conversation Priya responds, "Which one?" So it could still go in several directions and mean different things.
That's very true, and quite a funny line, but I'm putting my money on this November.

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I'm not ruling out the possibility that the blood on Paul's face is Boyd's, considering there is a photo of Boyd with his arms raised while someone wearing a leather jacket points a gun at him.
Nah, Echo is fighting Saunders/Whiskey. Paul is kissing Mellie on the head. Could be a tragic "Aww, aren't they happy, they make me think of leaves on the. Oh." kind of farewell kiss of course.
I'm kind of tired of how awesome all this is. Every cool little preview breaks my heart a little more. Ugh, why couldn't these last few episodes just suck so I could say goodbye?!?
You know, I'm glad it doesn't suck. I want the show to ride over the horizon whilst blowing everything up and hitting you in the face with the debris. If people aren't pissed about what happens in the show and annoyed it had to end, the show didn't do its job.
I know I'll be thrilled over it after the finale- it can't end twice, it just becomes a stunning piece of history and that is fantastic. But right now, not so happy. We've only got three left and the better they are, the crappier I feel about the state of TV today. A month from now I'm going to be pretty stoked about it though... :)
My new thoughts on Paul--maybe they removed an emotion, like some speculated before, like his fear or anger or love for Caroline. But I think they just played around with some memories about Echo/Caroline, Mellie/November, and his FBI past. I had a feeling we all thought it was strongly linked to Echo, but based on the pictures it looks like he's still got it for Mellie, therefore not so much for Echo. Perhaps Adelle or Topher thought such a compromise would help their fight against Rossum. Hey, I didn't say it was a senses-shattering radical idea, but the Mellie angle wasn't something I had considered before.
As I understand it they had to re-task an entire portion of his brain - such as part of his central nervous system - so that he would have enough functioning brain matter to achieve some semblance of upper-level cognition. Personally I'm a fan of them messing with his somatosensory system - most likely meaning he is no longer able to feel physical forms of pain or pleasure ("When do you think he'll notice..." indeed.)
So far, knowing the title... I'm most interested in how they're going to relate it to the poem (unless it's a more obscure reference). It seems like every time they've gone for a literary reference, it's been both deliberate and central.

Being second to last, the last stanza certainly comes to mind. Here, I'll just include it so if anyone's unfamiliar they don't have to Google.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

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It looks like it's going to be freaking awesome. I need Boyd info, though... merry Christmas Whedonesquers.
Oh gosh, I hate to see this story end, it was becoming so interesting.

Thank you, Joss.
Man, Amy Acker looks on these photos even more gorgeous than usually. The scars don't affect her beauty at all.

And the promo photos themselves are very interesting.
the Comics Continuum, ever fuzzy, have a few photos not in these sets that are very spoiler for a certain "couple" on the show. Enjoy that post-Christmas gift.

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Thanks CaptainB.
FWIW, those photos have been on the FOX Flash site this entire time. It's just that, for some reason, the site this post links to never included them.

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