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December 23 2009

Marvel Comics "What If's" the Whedon/Cassaday X-Men run. Neither Joss nor John contribute to the book, but it's still an interesting re-imagining of what they created together.

I'm conflicted - I generally love What If stories (especially what if Sue married Namor instead of Reed stories) but I feel protective of Joss.

I may just have to pick this one up, though. The Ultron/Danger story sounds very romantic. ;)
The Ultron/Danger story sounds like it should be a 2-in-1 "What If" story.

Watcher: "In another reality, Ultron destroyed what was left of the Kree empire.*"
(* As told in Annihilation:Conquest. - editor)

"But in this reality..."
Single panel showing a metal hand hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door of a Niagra Falls honeymoon suite.
Ultron/Danger sounds like fun. I bet the sparks will really fly.

Whatever they do, I'm sure it will be shocking.

The electricity between those two is tangible.
Merry Christmas everyone!
The first story wasn't too bad but the second was somewhat pointless.

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