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December 25 2009

Astonishing X-Men Gifted tpb with motion comic DVD out in June. Not a bad concept. In other news, Merry Xmas :).

Reminds me I think I have two episodes of the motion comic sitting in my Hulu queue.
But, does that mean that to get the whole motion comic, you need to drop $25 x 5 volumes, for a $125 total? I was hoping the entire motion comic would cost about $19.95.
Sounds like it or you could just buy it on iTunes. Is there an easy way to stream it onto a television?
With the right cables you can connect anything to your TV. I output my Macbook to my old television all the time. It's generally how I watch Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix.
Yep and that's how you boys get into trouble.

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