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December 26 2009

IMDb polls TWOP's "favorite physically badass ladies of the decade." Guess who's in the running.

I would vote for Buffy but I'm not registered.
I voted for Buffy, but I have to say that I was mildly tempted to vote for Kara Thrace (BSG) or Fiona (Burn Notice), as I like the both of them as well.
Guess who's in the running.

Who? Come on, tell me...

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Faith? Is Faith in the running?
I heart Nina Myers.
Buffy. Well and truly. Some of the others are interesting and fun to watch, but, my Gods Buffy!
Sorry, but for out and out Bad-assery? Max Guevara every time.
Fraid I voted for Max Guevara. But hey, Buffys still winning by miles.
Max beats either Buffy or Starbuck in this department, since both of them are hampered by serious emotional (and sometimes metaphysical) issues. Max is simply a genetically engineered assassin with free will; she really doesn't to be as low in the standings as she is now.
They do realize that at least one of these contestants isn't technically a lady...
Buffy is definitely more physically badass than the rest of them. Max has the badass attitude, but I'm still convinced Buffy could knock her through a brick wall if she wanted to.
The phrase "physically badass" is kind of odd. That'd probably be Cameron. You can shoot her full of holes and not only will she not even notice, she'll pop your head off with one hand.

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