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"Even better. I'm very listed."
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December 26 2009

Kokatu graphs the science fiction masters of the decade. A "best of decade" comparison that isn't a list. There are points and charts!

Statistical proof that Joss Whedon truly is the Master. I dig it.
I think the precipitous dropoff for Dollhouse is a bit exaggerated...
Love it that my second favorite is THE second-favorite (Mr Fuller is bloody brilliant - why isn't there a Fulleresque?).
Agreed, Mort. I'm rewatching WonderFalls and Dead Like Me (Finished my Pushing Daisies rewatch a few weeks ago) and... amazing. Can't wait for the pushing Daisies comics.
I agree, Septimus.
Are the Pushing Daisies comics still happening? They were supposed to start in September.
I don't know if Joss's drop for Dollhouse is inappropriate. I mean, the graph is relative, and given the massive success of shows like Angel and Buffy, and even the critical success of Firefly despite the early cancellation, I think the drop is probably justifiable.

I have to admit that after the fall hiatus, Dollhouse really began to sing. Too late, obviously, to save it, but the last four episodes have really been amazing. So perhaps a post-hoc bump in the chart might be necessary if the final Dollhouse episodes deliver as I now expect them to.
... its impeding demise fairly readily accepted, even by Whedon's fanbase

My nomination for typo of the day. And yep, couldn't agree more. Connor MacLeod isn't impeded by demising but obviously in that respect, there can be only one.

As to the chart, it's refreshingly unlistlike but it's obviously just as arbitrary as any "best of" and also well harsh on both Joss and Ron Moore IMO.

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