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December 26 2009

Pre-order the Dr. Horrible maquette from QMx. "It seems only fitting," says QMx, "that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself." First in a series of limited-edition maquettes.

Hmmm. I like it, but does anyone else think his face is too... heroic? It feels like his jawline is too hard or something.
I dunno, Giles_314...neither Nathan Fillion nor Neil Patrick Harris are exactly lacking in well-shaped jawlines, though admittedly NPH's is a bit softer ;)
The Jayne one remembers me Velma from Scooby-Doo.
And loved the Little Frakkin' Toasters Cylon :)

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