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December 28 2009

A week of Serenity on the Big Screen in Seattle. Anybody already been or going?

Central Cinema
1411 21st Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, 206-686-6684

FYI: Every time I have been to that theater they used a video projector. They are most likely spinning the DVD and do not have a celluloid copy of Serenity.
Central Cinema is a fantastic little theater. I fully recommend a visit.
I'm planning to go tomorrow night.

FYI, Hjermsted is right - they frequently show movies on DVD. Still, it's a great little theater (as savagenapkin said). It's nice to be able to watch a cool movie while drinking good beer and eating a good pizza or calzone fresh from the kitchen.
The food IS good.
I'm just a movie snob. :)

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