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December 27 2009

Tweeter Vote Wall Contest - Best of Twitter 2009. "Here we honor the best of the best on Twitter for 2009. Who do you think deserves the top honor? Will it be somebody famous or somebody that's about to become famous? There's only one way to find out". Vote for our Eliza (elizadushku)!

Just a note - when you quote their text directly without quoatation marks or italics, it makes it appear to be a self link. You aren't actually involve with this site, are you?
You aren't actually involve with this site, are you?

No, I'm not. I'll edit my post.
Don't forget about other Whedon alum like @nathanfillion, @actuallyNPH, @drhorrible, @emmacaulfield, @juliebenz, @alydenisof, @feliciaday, or @MoTancharoen .
and @michaelmuhney - not Whedon alum strictly, but he is a Browncoat and a lovely, lovely man :)
also @amber_benson !!!
Seriously, half of them wouldn't even be on Twitter if not for @feliciaday! If there is a Twitter award, she more than anyone deserves it.
When I checked last night, Nathan had more votes than all the other Whedony tweeple combined.
Brian Lynch isn't there?

ETA: Is anyone else having problems to vote? I clicked to vote in Nathan and the site just show me a "Wait" button that never changes.

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Actually, Christian Kane is inn the Whedon lead
There's also @adamsbaldwin.
Also @adambusch and I believe @tomlenk

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