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October 31 2003

(SPOILER) Angel 100th episode guest star news? Kristin at E! Online says it's confirmed.

See I heard Charisma had turned down the opportunity to appear in the 100th episode but obviously not it seems. Anyway, bloody good news for those missing her on the show.

Yayaya! Wobbbabab!! Blib blooaaa lala!! Wooayyakakak!!!

Um, sorry. Got taken over by a little bit of insane psychotic fanboy drooling. Yay, Cordy!! The last 4 eps of Angel have sucked hugely, so I want Cordy back even more!!
I cannot understand how anyone could say this season of Angel has "sucked hugely", I honestly haven't missed Cordy, I wouldn't object to her being there but it's not the end of the world. People shouldn't just set out to hate this season because they loved Cordy and hate Spike. I hated the idea of Harmony coming back, but from the first episode of the season I realised I was wrong, she fits in the new version of the show, while I still feel Eve is just Lilah poorly recast, I am growing to like her, you have to be open minded.
That said, I do look forward to Cordy coming back, it should be a good episode, but I do feel (aside from the series finale whenever that shall be) that it will be her last appearence.
I agree with Ghost Spike about this season being good and also have not missed Cordy. I felt the Cordy of the past two seasons was not the Cordy I originally loved and I hope her coming "out of the coma" has her more like she used to be. I'm sure they are going to do the character justice and either wrap up her story or give us more to look forward to in future visits. As it's only stated that she'll be back for one episode I'm assuming it's to wrap up the story. I was also sorry to hear that it sounds like SMG is not going to make a guest appearance this year but there is still hope for Alyson Hannigan.
Alyson is the easiest to contact. All the producers have to do is tell Alexis to go home and ask Aly to tag along to work with him. Alexis has already said he's ready and willing to beg. Now all they need is a plot device that requires Willow's presence. Should be easy enough.
By guest appearance, they better mean she *really* comes back. If Angel visits her and he just see her lying on the floor for another five seconds, I'm gonna go insane.
People shouldn't just set out to hate this season because they loved Cordy and hate Spike.

I didn't. I was worried about this season before it started, because of the inclusion of Spike and the disappearance of Cordy, and my worries were partly proved correct. I'm bored of Spike after 2 years of barely any characters but him on Buffy, so Just Rewards and Hell Bound didn't exactly excite me. Yay! More Spike! Just what we haven't had enough of! Also, the storytelling on Angel has just suffered an enormous decline in quality this year. I used to come out of an Angel episode buzzing with excitement, and great memories of a great 45 minutes. But the last 4 episodes have just felt so bland, forgettable, barely worth a second viewing. The only reason I enjoyed the first one was the humour and pretty direction from Joss. I want this season to be good, I really do. But in losing one of my favourite characters, and gaining a character I was already slightly sick of, as well as some seriously bad writing and stories, I'm desperately worried about the future of what used to be one of my favourite shows.
I would be happy even if Charisma just comes back for one episode to reprise her role as Cordy...I was very disappointed with how ME handled Cordy last season and left her in a coma (not even daytime soap operas do THAT anymore) but it seems we will finally get some closure to her character...

I tend to agree with you Darko on the writing quality so far this season...What has struck me lately is the disjointed nature of the storytelling within each episode...After watching Seasons one and two, there is a deliberate "flow" to each episode...That "flow" is definitely missing this season...Plot-lines and character progression seemed altogether "forced" in each episode nowadays. Think about it and you'll see what I'm talking about...Perhaps it is just early in the season and the extended exposition is making the stories choppy but I think that it is indicative of something else...(Especially since "Life of the Party" was a carbon-copy of "Something Blue" C'mon Joss and Co, you guys are supposed to be the creative ones!!!)

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Judging by the spoilers for the next few episodes, the good old early Angel season vibe will be coming. There's going to be a rollercoaster of a ride for fans.
Something just popped into my head while attempting to give Life of the Party a second viewing (and giving up after 15 minutes). At the beginning of every episode so far this season, one of the gang, or Eve, has delivered a short speech in conversation explaining how Angel and co. used to fight evil, before they took over the evil law firm that opposed them blah blah evilcakes... This just feels so forced, unsubtle and pointless. Like most of the rest of the episodes.
"Forced" is definitely the word, especially when it comes to my emotional reactions to this first handfull of episodes. Before, every gasp and giggle I made left my mouth unchecked, it was an unconscious reaction to the show, couldn't help it...

Now it seems I'm aware of almost every laugh and gasp I make, as if I'm doing them deliberately to make the show seem better than it is...
The "flow" is not at the level it used to be, no doubt about it, but I DO see signs of it coming...slowly, but surely.

OT:By the way Simon, I like the blue!
You've homed in on the one problem I've had with this season every week we've had one character "ooh, I wonder whether it was the right decision to take over this evil law firm we used to fight in order to do good" solution - bring back previouslies. Aside from someone having to lay the premise for this season every week, I just miss the previouslies, not many shows have so much continuity that make it necessary every week but Angel does. The region 2 DVD release of Season One of Angel removed the previouslies, which in my mind was a butchering which I'm glad they haven't repeated with the DVDs, maybe they'll add them for season 5.
lack of flow/consistency seems to be the problem with this season
i want my story arc back!!!!! ok, better now
the monster of the week deal worked for Buffy, but i don't think it works for Angel, they are two different shows
i am glad that the old season will return.. (yay Simon!)
-crosses fingers-

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