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December 28 2009

(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A For Buffy Season 8: Willow One-Shot.

"Scott Allie: It's good to see her pop up in the story, to see how Willow feels about her, without forcing her in to the book in some bigger way to better appease fans. I personally felt that Tara was very much in the past for Willow—while fans don't like Kennedy, I think Willow really loves her, and Tara's been dead a while. So I see her appearance here as acknowledging the lingering wish to have her back, but saying that that time has passed."

And there is the proof I knew existed that Tara was put into this book to finally put her to bed. This way Allie can say that she never showed up in the Buffy series, while letting some fans see her, and then finally putting her away for forever. Sigh.

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oh, Tara. Time to let you go, sweetie. Joss is so done with you. (At least they didn't flay+burn you. Even if you can be resurrected that way).

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Personally I'm very glad. It seems very silly and unhealthy to have Willow pining for someone who's been dead for three years and bringing her back would have never made sense after Buffy's resurrection in S6.

The last thing I’d ever wish on Willow was for her to not move on her with life and find someone new. This is the healthiest way for Willow to go and I think this is what TARA would have wanted.

Besides, there's only so many times you can keep bringing characters back from the dead before death looses all meaning. Why give a rats arse wether a character lives or dies if we know they're just going to be brought back a few episodes later?
I thought they brought her back/closed that book, in the classiest, most emotional way possible. Bravo!
Great Q&A as usual, Emmie. Kudos. Some nice nuggets in the mix.

Couple of things of note.

Tara fans will have to look to other sources for more of the blonde witch. Joss is weaving his magic with different characters, and I'm sure we'll all be impressed when we see the payoffs unfold. Sadly, Tara won't be in the mix.

As for why, I think Joss always viewed her as an extension of Willow. A prop, if you will. Contrarily, I always felt Tara had more room to grow and change. If Wesley Wyndham Price could go from bumbling fool to leader to bitter failure and then finally unravel his mess back to hero, anything is possible.

I could even see Tara as a bitter, manly-disguised rogue angel intent on rebalancing the world Willow and she left unbalanced (i.e. by bringing back Buffy). Yeah, I'm one of the few that think "Tara as Twilight" would rock. As much as I'd love to see them together, I can also see an epic battle between Witch Willow and Archangel Tara which ends badly, turning Willow into future Dark Willow. It would even work with the hints Joss has left so far.

That reveal would definitely be a shocker for Buffy.

But Joss probably has different ideas. I'll still keep reading Season 8, because I'm a fan of Joss' work, and I want to know what happens to other characters I love, like Willow and Xander.
Scott Allie has a point about Dollhouse's cancellation. It sucks, but on the bright side, Joss can focus on the final five issues of Season 8.
Dana5140: It's still Joss's decision. If he comes up with an idea in which Tara's real return is the best way to screw with us, he'll do it.

vampmogs: Everyone says that but, really, there hasn't been that much returnihg from the dead, considering this is a fantasy universe.
I really hope a fill-in one-shot doesn't follow tertiary (or, heaven forbid, fourth order) characters as Mr Allie posits. I would like some more about Siatsu or Rowena or any other of the new folk that have been made important.
Glad to hear that a Wash one-shot is coming. Though I hope that it has been in development for awhile and isn't being rushed out. I don't mind waiting for however long it takes to do these projects well, especially as Firefly/Serenity doesn't get to see nearly as many projects as Buffy or Angel do.

In the same vein, while I hope that the Book series comes out sooner rather than later, I am glad that they are looking for the best team. His origin is a big deal and deserves to be treated so.

Some good questions and answers for Buffy.

To Buffyfantic, thanks for posting the Q&A!
Just as an FYI, Emmie usually starts these on the day of a new comic release, and she also takes questions via e-mail from non-members who would like to participate. If any of you would like to send her a question for future Q&As, her e-mail address is "".
I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. My main reason for hanging in on the Buffy comic was to see if and how Tara came into play- not necessarily as brought back, but as part of Willow's persona, someone who she cared for and someone who informed who Willow is- but in truth, that has not happened, and the way I see this Willow comic is that it exists for no other reason than to put Tara away for good. Because as a comic, I found it pretty meaningless and at times pretty hard to even understand. I feel that while everyone has moved on, I have not, and because this issue nags at me, I can't so easily forgive and forget, not when I think the writers are really giving me not what I want, but a pretty big raspberry. "Here she is, but you can't have her." I am long past thinking that Joss is a God and I will simply marvel at all he does; he is just another writer trying to do good work. And I was reading this article about the fellow who created the online fansite, in which he was commenting that with a cadre of regular posters, there comes a time when everyone knows the main positions and stances of those posters, and nothing new ends up getting said, and he's right. I have nothing new to say on this issue, and no real reason to say it any more; I cannot influence anything, and my thoughts no longer matter, if ever they did. It is what it is. What this comic has done for me, if anything, is make me stop caring so much about Buffy. The comic has no resonance for me, there is no one I care about or even really recognize any more, and no throughplot involving people I care about. I am not sure it is written for a 56-yo man. I will follow it to the end of this season for no other reason than because I have been following it so far, but after that I am going to leave it behind. As times goes on, there is less and less talk of Buffy, which is, I guess, to be expected. But I think that my thinking has been crystallized by Allie's responses here, and I do honestly think that this comic is a pretty cynical move- it is not necessary at all for the larger Buffy story, but it serves to address the one concern that was plaguing them all along the course of the comic- where is Tara? Well, here she is and here she isn't. And now she's gone. And so am I.
I would love to see a Tales of the Slayers one-shot (sort of a book end with the Vampires one from June). It can focus on a Season 7 slayerette, a Season 8 comic book slayer, or even somebody made up just for the story. I wanna know what these girls think about suddenly being slayers and having to save the world all the time.

The only sad thing about two one-shots means the final issue will be pushed back to December rather than October. :-(

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Dana5140: As a fellow Willow and Tara fan, I feel your pain. Yet we must face the facts. We are a minority among minorities (i.e. W&T fans are a minority of Buffy fans, which in turn are a minority of fandom in general).

I read Season 8 because I care about the other characters Joss created. Yeah, there still seems to be a great big hole in the story, but I realize it's my perspective, and my perspective is quite different from the majority. Joss evidently sees Tara as a character who has played out her part and left the stage for good. He's not one to dwell on the past.

And if you need a W&T fix, there's always the Kittenboard. Some of the best fan-fiction I have read anywhere was posted on that site. Tara still lives in other story lines, just not this one.
the comment about writing one-shots about slayers that aren't even in Buffy's army have really kind of pissed me off. In a season in which there are way way way way more questions than answers, I would really like to become a little more enlightened on some of the less developed characters (which to me,even includes Dawn who has seriously not done a thing besides kiss Xander, which doesn't exactly show anything about her to me except that she has lips). Satsu, Rowena, Leah and co. would be great one-shot material, as would a Dawn one shot I think.

Another thing about this Q&A was the question about whether the finale was going to be an "emotional denouement" or a thrill ride and Allie said it was the latter.
no thanks, all of the crazy comic FX haven't impressed me thus far. I've enjoyed the books alot, but so much of the emotional resonance is missing for me and I think alot of that has to do with the fact that this season is less about character and more about plot. Something that hasn't been too pleasing.
Dana said:
"I am not sure it is written for a 56-yo man."

Really wish you'd stop saying that, 'cause it's not true and I'm not sure where you're getting it from. There've been 20-something-year-olds writing in to the letters pages of Buffy Season 8, saying that their dads are reading the comics. Also, a great number of Buffy fans are in their 50s or beyond, many on this site, so it doesn't make any sense.

The writers aren't writing for just any one age group, especially the ME writers. Their work has broad appeal. This particular story isn't appealing to you, but that doesn't mean it is not accessible for 56-year-old men, even educated ones such as yourself.

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