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December 28 2009

Sideshow Collectibles talks about new Buffy line. We'll get Buffy, and most likely Faith (whose sketch looks like Jo Chen's first Faith cover) and Willow.

Here are pics of the Buffy statue, in this thread

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What an youthful take on Willow.
Very cool that the Faith one ressemble that Jo Chen cover, which is amazing.
Sahweeeetah! I love the Jo Chen sketch of Faith. Buffy's gonna be rad too. :D
Looks cool. I'm not sure it captures Buffy's essence in that chair, but cool anyway.

I want McFarlane's too.

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Can't watch the video as I'm on dial up, but I saw the photo of Buffy on another forum.

I'm happy for those who do like it, but I kinda hate it. It doesn't speak to me of anything to do with the series that I loved so much.

The throne idea is quite frankly ridiculous, and I see they've gone for season one Buffy yet again. *yawn* Just so they can shove her into boots and a mini skirt.

The whole thing feels to me as If it's been created by people who know very little about the show. Sorry.

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When I think of Buffy... I don't think of that chair. Weird.
I have no idea where the chair came from. But i do like that they're starting up the Buffy line again.
I don't know if I am "that fan" but that isn't Mr.Pointy... that bothers me a bit. Maybe it is just a concept still?
Buffy's throne gives me the creeps...but kind of in a good way. I actually think -- and I don't know if this is insightful design or random chance -- that it speaks to the character in an important way. The throne -- the power, the prestige -- it speaks maybe to some of the flaws that were always in Buffy but maybe didn't get explored in full to Season 8. It's the chair of someone who has a superiority complex (and an inferiority complex about having one.)

I'm going to with inspired design. I like it. It gives me the creeps.
I can understand why they chose early Buffy because, IMO, that look has always be the most iconic for her. Lets face it, when most critics or reviewers offer a quick introduction to the show they nearly always talk about the ex-cheerleader who has to slay vampires. High School Buffy is probably the most iconic Buffy by far.

I actually really like the throne and how she’s seated on it BUT wouldn’t it have worked so much better for S8 Buffy? If they’d put her in her battle outfit and sat her on that throne it would have been a very powerful image. I’m just not sure the throne makes sense given it’s high school Buffy sitting on the chair.
sueworld2003 Can you provide a link to that picture, please?

Or if anyone else has found pictures of these figures elsewhere, please supply the link - there are still some of us folks trapped in DialUp Land.


The throne wouldn't be from "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," would it?
Is it a tribute to Homecoming?
Here are pics of the Buffy statue, in this thread

I choose to believe she's sitting on the throne for laughs. She is about to kill someone, and has taken over their throne and is sitting their, cracking jokes. Otherwise I don't know why she would be on a throne. Powerful or not, she's not the throne type.

Also, that's not Mr Pointy. But I might still buy it. I'll probably hold out for Spike tough, since I don't have much money.
Yeah, she's waiting for the throne-owner to walk in and be offended by her lack of respect for their evilness. It's perfect. (And I like the gogo boots era, too.) I wouldn't mind if they made the chair less evil though, it is creepy. Though it looks like they put the pentagram rightside-up instead of the more evil upside down, oddly.

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Maybe they put the pentagram that way to symbolize wicca, not evil?
Yay! I am so excited for this!!! And I think the Buffy one is going to be awesome! Definitely will be getting this one! :D
Before anyone gets excited (it's too late for me, but perhaps you can save yourself!) these Buffy statues are expected to cost up to a couple hundred bucks each. No confirmation on that, just a rumor based on what their other "maquettes" cost apparently. Sample:
I'd rather have figures. The price on these statues is always horrendous, and to be quite honest with you all, I hate the chair. I'd prefer for Tonner to pick the line up.

I like my sideshow figures, but I only bought the ones I liked, and that meant two of them.

The only one of those that looked like something I'd purchase is the Willow one, and I certainly wouldn't give more than $50 for it.
xMadxScientistx Yeah, I'm w/you on the rather having figures. 1) I don't have room for "statues." B) I don't have the money. III) I can use the figures in set-ups, like when I had the dragon holding Giles, & Gimli, Legolas & Aragorn were trying to save him. (What?)

Skytteflickan88 Ta. Not all that impressed by the statue. Doesn't look much like Buffy, imo. I wish Diamond Select hadn't stopped making the figures - I was really looking forward to Ripper. But the last ones they did, the Season Seven series (I can barely type that, much less say it three times fast), weren't looking like the actors. I really don't like what they did w/Xander, and Chosen Giles was actually a rework of Season Five Angel.
I would have preferred that they'd gone back to the 1/6th scale figure line rather then create highly expensive lumps of polystone that you can do bu**er all with.

I have all the 12" Sideshow Buffy releases now and although some of the likenesses weren't all that they could have been (the first Angel/Buffy and Spike were stunning though), I loved them dearly and would have bought more If they'd continued.

I hear that they're only going to be concentrating on doing the females, so no characters such a the long neglected Giles or Wesley.

What with that and the weird throne, dodgy likeness and potentially high price, I think this line is going to be a definite pass for me, which is a shame as I was hoping for so much more. :(

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-12-29 10:40 ]
I'm with you Sue, wish they'd continued the 1/6th scale line. I was really annoyed that they started up the Angel line only to give us three figures from it and then just canceled it. No Wesley, Fred or Gunn and no Illyria (who would have been a huge seller). And it would have been nice to give us a new Faith and Willow seeing as they botched them up so badly. The rest of the figures I love and think they look great.
Hi Firefly. Long time, no see. *g* I so agree.

The annoying thing was that they had a Wesley in the works when they decided to cancel the line. *Grr* I would have adored one of those.

Oh well. I'll just have to have a go at making my own. :0

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