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December 28 2009

Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day are near the top of the list for Wired Magazine.

Same issue as before, it's Willow and the lassie from "American Pie" that're geeks, not Aly Hannigan (as far as we know). Still, at least they acknowledge it this time (and a couple of the women are on there because they might be geeks but are hot so clearly "Leeway" could be this poll's middle name). Also don't like those photos of Aly H and never have - she's hella sexy, those photos not so much IMO.

Aside from that, usual story in that most of the male geeks are sitting around in suits/jeans & T-shirts whereas the female geeks tend to be wearing their skimpies. The demo's shifting but it's got a long way to go in other words.
You can nominate your own geeks to the list Saje, so that is different from a lot of lists. At least you can't blame the magazine since the fans are the ones nominating them.
True (which explains why some of them are basically "My ex-professor who I thought was hot" or "My mate Dave" - that or i'm just really, really out of touch ;). And as I say, last year IIRC they (Wired ? Whoever nominated Aly H ?) didn't even acknowledge that it was Willow/Michelle that were the geeks, this year they have so a definite improvement.

(it's not 'Wired' i'm "blaming" for the skimpies/suits issue BTW, it's the demographics of geekery. And even then, not really blaming as such, more lamenting since it's - mainly - not our fault that female geeks are still in the minority, it's those that went before us)
Here's what I see:

I read books! Look at my tits!
I play video games! Look at my tits!
I like math! Look at my tits!
I'm good at science! etc, etc...

Silly Wired Magazine. All geeks are sexy!
As stupid as the site and all that is, I don't see Eliza. I'm positive she is pretty high in the geek hierarchy. She plays World of Warcraft, and you know, seems to be drawn to sci-fi stuff.
Well you should nominate Eliza Jaymii.
I'm with anything, but Kristen Bell would get my vote.

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