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December 29 2009

"The Cabin in the Woods" Honorable Mention for Future Horror to See. ShockTillYouDrop honors "The Cabin in the Woods" on their countdown of their most anticipated horror films of 2010 regardless of the fact that it has been pushed back to 2011.

I'm just glad they included the "The" in the title.
Though they seem to have missed the " 3D !!!!" off. Is Joss involved with another Cabin movie ?
I know a few people who've seen My Soul to Take and all say it's terrible.
I'm still mourning the loss of 'The Cabin in the Woods' from my cinema schedule this year. When will the industry realise that 3D is a completely pointless gimmick (well, it is only pointless for the viewer, but that is a different topic.)

Having recently seen the film that was meant to show everyone what 3D was capable of, Avatar, I can safely say I am no longer interested in seeing any film in their 3D versions. I had previously only seen animation films in 3D and thought the effect had potential to achieve a very stylised look, but for the most part was just a lot of pointing and lack of colour. But Avatar demonstrates just how useless 3D is. The way 3D layers the images just looks complete ridiculous in live action. It is a testament to the rest of the technology in the film that it still looked spectacular, but this was in spite of the 3D, not because of it.

Unfortunately, if I want to watch The Cabin in the Woods on a large screen I am probably going to have to see it in the washed out, unrealistic looking 3D version, because most cinemas use their largest screens for the 3D showings. So, not only do we have to wait a year for the film, but we also have to wait to see it in an inferior version! Made even worse by the fact that the film wasn't even made to be shown in 3D.
I disagree, I loved the 3D in Avatar. It done wonders to the story I felt. 3D is meant to provide depth to the viewer, and it opened up the world of Pandora to me. That being said, Cabin being 3D is amazingly pointless. If it means it'll do well at the box office, which in turn leads to Joss getting more money for films - I'm all for it, though.

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