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December 29 2009

Happy birthday, Eliza! Our favourite Rogue Slayer/Doll is 29 today.

Here's wishing Eliza many happy returns! I wish her present wasn't a canceled TV show she worked so diligently on, but there it is. Best of luck to her and her future endeavors.

That reminds me: True Lies was on cable twice over the holiday break. Aside from that movie deserving such an overdue Special Edition DVD and Blu-ray, I also feel that Eliza needs to work with James Cameron again, particularly in a starring capacity. :)
Happy Birthday Eliza! Don't ever stop being a Doll.
Happy Birthday Eliza! You were terrific in Dollhouse :)
Happy birthday! We want more of your pretty face in starring roles, just fyi :)
Happy birthday, Eliza. I hope that you have many more roles lined up in the future!
Happy Birthday Eliza!! Thank you for all your hard work. Loved you in Dollhouse and I hope to see you in many roles! Much Love!!
Happy Birthday Eliza! You were such a pleasure in Dollhouse and I look forward to checking out whatever you do in the future.
Happy b-day, Eliza. :D

Ooh it's my birthday too! Happy Birthday to us!!
Happy Birthday, Eliza :-) rock on, girl!
Happy Birthday, Eliza, have a great day!
Happy Birthday Eliza! :)
Happy Birthday Eliza! Thank you for always being your best! Looking forward to seeing you in your next projects, hopefully more work with you and Joss together because that equals magic! And big thanks for kicking ass on Dollhouse; in your honor I shall curse hard in my head at the stupid that is responsible for taking down the Dollhouse in the wrong way... but thanks for a hell of a ride and back to the point; Happy Birthday to a hunka-hunka burning talent!!!
Happy Birthday Eliza! I hope the future is bright and you continue your important work as an artist and as a feminist.
You are so young for such an accomplished woman! Wow--and Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku!
So she was seventeen when she showed up as Faith? Wow, that was ages ago. Literally.
Happy birthday and best wishes!
Happy birthday, Eliza!!! :D
Happy b'day belated Eliza Patricia. (Hmm, I'd been 25 for exactly 31 days when you were born; maybe seeing you on-screen was a belated gift to me *grin.)

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Ever since I found out I have the exact some bday as Eliza, 12/30/1980, in Maxim many years ago I've been celebrating extra hard and tonight will be no different. Happy bday Eliza, have a great night!
Happy Birthday, Eliza! And you too, E-Rawk!

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