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December 29 2009

Two Whedon Comics Among io9's 100 Favorite Comic Covers of the 2000s. The covers for Astonishing X-Men #2 (John Cassaday) and Buffy #3 (Jo Chen) made the top 20.

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Hm, not the one I would've picked for AXM (I'm looking at the Kitty/Colossus one with her melting into him) but not a bad one. Loved Chen's cover for Buffy #3 so no argument there, even if others shine out differently.

Runaways is further down. Not part of Joss's run on it but still connected to the Whedonverse
For those who want to go straight to the Buffyverse covers: Astonishing X-Men cover is at number 10, Buffy is at 18, and Runaways is at 70.

I'm disappointed in the lack of 'Y The Last Man' (Brian K Vaughan) and 'Echo' (Terry Moore) covers. In general, though, it's a solid list. However, this is exactly the reason I avoid comic book shops! Between the list and the comments giving more suggestions, I'm going to be broke...
Pretty solid list, but yeah the lack of Y The Last Man covers is odd. Someone posted the astronaut cover in the comments, that would likely be my pick.

The only Echo cover that has really blown me away was the one with her and the chalkboard, that's a brilliant cover.
I liked both of Jo's covers but I'm still not even sure that those were the most evocative covers for their respective series. (Though I still often like her work more than some of the other artists they've gotten. Even James Jeans' Runaways covers.)

I'm still partial to her quasi-old-timey photograph of the runaways under Whedon but I still loved Adrian Alphona's alternate cover for the first relaunch. (Oooh, and especially his hardcover edition covers for BKV's stuff)

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