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December 30 2009

Buffy Makes Matt Roush's Best Of The Decade list. Comes in at #13.

Hmmm. Looks to me like it's #13. Both my favorite episodes mentioned.
Tsk, tsk. Angel didn't even get an honorable mention.
Nice to see The Shield there, but it is strange Pushing daisies being in mentioned, while Wonderfalls was an earlier and more original show of Bryan Fuller. IMO, of course.
I'm glad to see Buffy on the list (at, er, 13, not 15, guys?). And props for Mad Men and The Office (UK) showing up on the list. I don't really watch the reality shows, and haven't seen several over shows on the list, so can't complain about them, but still, I am surprised about the lack of Angel, Firefly, The Office (US), or other shows, even in honourable mentions (not in top 50?). And Mi>Lost should not be #1, grumble grumble grumble. Neat though.

ETA: I wanted to mention that I'm in that subset of fans who prefers the 2000-2003 part of Buffy to the 1997-1999 part, although I love both.

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There are a lot of good shows there, including some that don't get mentioned very often like Boomtown and Once & Again. But no Firefly?!?! And I would have liked to have seen Angel in there too.
I wish I could see Roush's 90s list, see where he put BtVS then. Heckfire, they could almost *be* seen as two separate shows, nearly kinda-sorta maybe perhaps.
For that episode alone, Id put it on any greatest-hits list of the 2000s

For that episode alone, I would put it on any greatest-hits list of the entirety of TV.
Except for Survivor, not a bad list although, l wish Angel had made the list.
Angels in America - "transcendent". It's about time. I've seen lots of mentions for Band of Brothers (the other greatest mini-series in the history of TV, IMO) but this mention is really overdue.

Loved the description of BSG, it's not easy to define my favorite ever non-Whedon show so accurately, without writing a very long essay.

I'm waiting for the Lost backlash. Number One on a whole lot of lists I've seen, makes it so eligible for "Number 1 overrated series ever".
Not saying I hate it, as I did while slogging through the first two seasons, always expecting something better.
But #1??? Over The Wire and The Sopranos no less?
Not in my reality.
A list that includes reality TV gets no credibility with me.
For that episode alone, I would put it on any greatest-hits list of the entirety of TV.

Word Chris in Virginia.

And kind of a weird list in some ways (assuming it's in order of merit, 'American Idol' above BSG ? And I say again, ?). Which makes it another by a genuine fan of TV who just lists their favourites without pretensions. Matt Roush (and Maureen Ryan), I salute you *salutes them*.
Since we're talking about Buffy--I'd like to mention that the show will return to US cable TV tomorrow. (It will also begin on MTV in about a week; this story popped up on Whedonesque a while back.) Logo will be showing all Buffy from 6 AM to midnight, Eastern time.

Interesting selection of episodes from the early years of the show. Some definite favorites. Some...not:
Sigh...I guess Angel will always be the black sheep with the media critics.
"Firefly" doesn't even make it into the "Next 30" list, much less the Top 20? Meaning there were at least 50 shows better than it in the past decade? And one of them was "Will and Grace"? To quote Seth and Amy, "Really? REALLY?!?"

My list would look a little different, I guess.
Will and Grace? Lost? Battlestar? Idol? He has to be kidding. No mention of Firefly? Yeah, he's kidding.

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