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December 30 2009

An Open Letter to Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. A writer requests more YouTube fun.

(Edited the link to point to the original of the article as pointed out by OneTrueBix)

Isn't Zack "the youngest!", not their older brother?
I've fixed the link to point to the original article. Cool TV site.

Unfortunately I live in the sticks and have lousy internet service that makes watching online video a real drag.

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Jed and Maurissa were writers on season one of Dollhouse too.
True but maybe the author doesn't find that most notable ;).

Fine with the sentiment though (with the usual incredibly obvious caveat that they should actually do whatever they like) and that's a decent page of links for folk that might have missed their short stuff. Not quite at the "will follow them anywhere" stage with Jed and Maurissa (yet) e.g. if they started working on "Grey's Anatomy" i'd be all "G'luck with that, Kthnxbi" but I will follow them anywhere that even vaguely interests me aside from their involvement.

(and yep, Zack is the youngest of the Whedon brothers we've seen IIRC)
Zack is definitely the youngest. That bugged me.
Were they STAFF writers on season one or were they hired as freelance per episode? That would explain the most notable. But yeah, she got the Whedon birth chronology wrong, so I wouldn't be surprised if she overlooked other things (even though she mentions the pre-season 2 Epitaph One as their handywork.)
Well I'm never visiting that site again. Frikkin popup flash ads. Can't even close one without clicking on the other one accidentally.
I believe Zed is the youngest. And Josh is the oldest.
They were Staff Writers in Season 1 and are now accordingly Story Editors for Season 2.

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I thought Zed and Zack were twins.

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