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December 31 2009

The top 300 best selling comic books of the 2000s. Just about every issue of Joss' Astonishing X-Men run makes the chart as do the first three issues of Buffy Season 8.

Impressive - I had no idea that Joss's X-arc had had that much exposure. I bought a couple copies of the collected run for friends this Christmas, and re-read them while they were in the house; good stuff.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what was so special about that Amazing Spider Man issue that it outsold the others by that much?

ETA: Nevermind, it says so right on the left. I guess reading the sides does help after all.

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Grant Morrison's New X-Men run essentially started a new era of X-Men, and then Whedon came along and made it fun. The current Uncanny X-Men (the flagship X title) and X-Force and X-Men Legacy are all exploring the dynamics created and perfected by those two. (Which in fairness, is pretty much Emma loves Scott, and Scott is the man.)
Also, this is a massive Whedon story really, he wrote 23 of the top 300 selling comics in the last decade. For a writer who doesn't primarily write comics, that's phenomenal. At a glance I reckon only 4 or 5 people have written more best selling comics than him (Bendis, Morrison, Miller, Ellis maybe?).
Thank you for pointing out the massiveness, Sparticus! Good, good, good. Feliz 2010, all!
Sparticus, depending on how you look at it, then you might also count Geoff Johns in that list. He had 17 on his own, but he was a co-writer on '52', which appeared 7 times in the Top 300.
Valid point, also Brubaker probably gets a shout for all the Captain America stuff and various other cross-over / avengery things. Still, I'd imagine Whedon places in the top five still, I'm not sure about Ellis or Miller writing enough to beat him.

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