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December 31 2009

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2010: the last three glorious episodes of Dollhouse, Twilight's reveal, Joss' Glee episode, The Cabin in the Woods trailer and hopefully Dr Horrible 2 and word about Joss' next project.

Happy New Year, all! Best wishes for a wonderful 2010.
Happy New Year, everyone. Wonderful community, wonderful people.
Happy new year, WHEDONesquers.
Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping for another great year in this place. :)
Wishing all a Happy New Year! :-)
Happy New Year, everyone =)
Happy New Year, friends!
Happy New Year everyone!
Happy New Year, all!
Happy New Year, all! And a special shout-out to the mods and admins of the site. All you have to do is go... well, pretty much anywhere else to see what an effing fantastic job they do.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Happy New Year to all!
Happy new year!
Felix sit annus novus! :-)
Happy New Year! I wonder if this will be the year Whedonesque reaches 10,000 members. :)

(It's all the Gaelic I know, apart from words like Telebhisean that they just changed the spelling of.)

Happy New Year!
Fish are friends, not food.
Happy New Year all
Okay - if I can do this without typoing....HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can't wait to see what next brings us all!
Happy New Year everyone!! :)
happy new year!!
Here's to a prosperous year for all! A sequel to Dr. Horrible as well as an announcement concerning a new project(or perhaps a return to his penultimate work), would make my 2010 a great one.
Happy new year! And many happy returns!
And to all the Whedonesque staff a big 'thank you' for maintaining such a lovely place on the web for people like me to enjoy.
Happy New Year, everyone! :-)
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year all. May 2010 be much better than 2009.
It's still only 3:30 PM here, so I have time to say Hau'oli Makahiki Hou from Hawaii.

Also want to add my appreciation for the best mods online, anywhere, who make this the go-to site for not only intelligent but civil discussion. Cheers!
Happy New Year to all and let's raise a glass to a wonderful Whedon-filled year to come!
I hope all y'all have a happy twenty-tenty!
Happy New Year all :) I'm sure I'm not alone here in saying that good stories sustain us, so here's to Joss&co. giving us another year full of them.
Happy New Year, all! And more thanks to the mods, you guys are brilliant (and lovely and patient).
Happy New Year everyone!
I wish peace and serenity to the Whedonites in 2010. And to the folks who run this place? You're cherce... :=)
Happy New Year, my friends!
Happy new year, everyone!
Godt nyttr, alle sammen! I can't express how delighted I am to finally be a part of WHEDONesque! May this year bring us all oodles of delightful surprises, health and happiness!
So blessed to have such a great fandom to be part of, love you guys. I've met some amazing people here. Happy New Year, fellow Whedon pals.
Happy New Year!!! I love this site and I think you guys do a wonderful job of it! Kudos!!!
Happy & Blessed New Year to everyone!! Thank you to everyone for always being so kind. I love it here. God Bless!!!
Good Yuntif! Happy New Year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! from the easties
Happy New Year! I really hope 2010 is better than 2009...
Happy 2010, and here's hoping we will soon be reading "A Shepherd's Tale".
Many thanks to the W community and may all be safe.
I'm so excited about what his before-the-finale news is gonna be. So thrilled. 2010's gonna be super. Happy new year, tanti auguri, etc.
Happy New Year here's hoping lt will be a good one for all you peace
Dorky but...THANK you whedonverse. 2009 should go kick rocks. Rough year for us, medically and being laid off with 3 kids. And we discovered the Whedonverse. Since August I've seen every Buffy twice and every Angel at least once. Firefly pulled my husband out of depression, for real. So dippy and sappy and corny and...grateful - that art can inspire us all :)
It's 2010, and I am still madly in love with Joss!
May 2010 bring us all amazing talent, captivating entertainment -- oh and yes, peace on Earth would totally be cool too. :)
Happy New Year to all Whedonesquers!

To Joss and company, thank you for a wonderful year that contained brilliant episodes of what is possibly my new favourite Joss show: Dollhouse.
I'm super late, but....

Happy New Years guys. I have a great feeling about 2010, especially when it comes to the Jossverse. Hope you're all sufficiently plastered or falling asleep right now. Great things are coming!

Happy 2010 everyone! Aside from some great entertainment in the year, and my podcast finally making the front page of Whedonesque, all I have to say to 2009 is, "Hello. My name is John Pavlich. You killed my (insert any one of numerous, awesome shows or celebrities). Prepare to die!" :)
Happy New Year. I wish you all the best.
Happy Shiny New Year!!
Happy New Year, Whedonesque! :)
Happy New Year everyone, best wishes for '10. Had a late night and this morning I'm kicking off the New Year in 3D glasses at "Avatar."
After the drunkenness that was the final night of 2009, on the first night of 2010 my only new years resolution I've got as far is that I damn well hope RTD writes his socks off after last weeks awful Doctor Who episode.

Happy New Year Whedonfriends! ^__^
All things considered 2009 was a pretty good year for Whedonverse tv fans (i.e. we got to see some and it was excellent) - and here's to more in 2010.

Happy New Year one and all!
Happy New decade!
Happy New Year to all!
Happy New Year! In addition to your list, I'd add the Buffy Season 8 finale, due out in the fourth quarter, barring any unforeseen delays.
2010 kicked off with a great Buffy start.The LOGO network's 18 hour Buffy New Years Slay marathon.I have the DVD's and watch them enough times over the course of a year but I couldn't help myself and have been watching the marathon all morning.The marathon is Buffy season 2.They started at 6am with Reptile Boy followed by Halloween,Lie To Me,The Dark Age and What's My Line Part 1 is on right now.They will be going up all the way to Becoming Part 2 tonight.
Buffyfantic- thanks for the info. Headed for the tv now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow Whedon addicts. Here's looking forward to the Serenity prequel, A Shepards Tale. :)
Gelukkig nieuwjaar, as we say here in The Netherlands (the birthing place of Whedonesque ;)). Here's to another great year filled with lovely Whedon-y things and great (on-topic and off-topic ;)) discussions on the black.

I, for one, am certainly looking forward to all the above (apart from the fact that the last three episodes of Dollhouse, are, well, the last).
AW GVH beat me to it posting Happy New Year in Dutch :P Well anyway, Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Very much looking forward to Dr. Horrible 2 and *sobs* the last episodes of Dollhouse *pout*
Well, I discovered Firefly and the rest of the Whedonverse in January 2009, so as far as the fandom I could hardly do better in 2010, but here's hoping! Have a happy new year, friends, and thanks for the awesome ride so far!
feliz ao nuevo! happy new year whedonesquers! I hope 2010 is a brilliant year!
Happy New Year, Whedonesque! Still the best web site ever!
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar from here too!
All the best to the best : community, mods and stories told.
Late to this party but happy new year, all you lovely whedonesquers!

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