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December 31 2009

Serenity & Dr. Horrible singled out in Geekscape's Best of The Decade list. Author for the site, Jim Pellegrinelli lists the best pop culture had to offer these past ten years (Comics, Film, TV, The Web). Includes spoilers for other properties and some language.

Also in the article, you'll find some appreciative mentions to Buffy and Angel in the segment about the Twilight franchise and the vampire genre.

"Most misused allegorical monster of the decade - The Vampire". Loved it, a must read. ;)

Missed the boat about werewolf's though. If you're going to give a time-warp shout-out (much deserved) to American Werewolf in London as the best werewolf movie ever, Jack Nickleson's Wolf deserves a nod, as well.
@Shey I agree, but it's surprising how many people consider Wolf to be laughably bad. Such a shame. Personally, while Rick Baker's effects in the Landis classic are indeed superb and groundbreaking, on the whole, I consider The Howling to be a better werewolf film. I also remember really enjoying In The Company Of Wolves, but haven't seen it in ages.

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