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January 01 2010

Limited Dr. Horrible laser etched "plates". Buy all three (that form a triptych) or just one(check the seller's store).

Limited to 30 pieces.

This seller also has a Dollhouse and Firefly piece.

If they're gonna charge $150 bucks for something with laser in its name, I better be able to fire it.
Pointy, I love you.
They're pretty but...not that level of pretty
I have both the Serenity and Dollhouse pieces and the level of quality and their uniqueness totally justify the $50 price tag in my opinion.
They're very cool, but are they properly licensed?
I think they are, since they gave a few to Jed Whedon and Felicia Day(unless I remember wrong), and I doubt they'd dare to give "stolen" gifts.
My understanding is that these were commissioned for a fan and turned into a prototype in order to work on a licensing agreement. Last I heard, they were talking to Quantum Mechanix to make an officially licensed version.
I must admit that this is among the finest Felicia-bilia.

Still pricey for a laser thing that doesn't zap squat.
Ok, that serenity plate is way too cool. Just ordered one.

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