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January 01 2010

Jo Chen (Buffy season 8 cover artist) art book. A bit pricey, but a must have if you're a Jo Chen fan.

Btw, anyone know what a carry case is?


Look for pics here.

And according to vampiresaiyan, it "pretty much has Jo's buffy covers for 1-20 and the first 3 trade pb covers" and one Willow sketch in the sketchbook.

I think it's the same thing as a slip case. A box for the book, open on one side.

I'm still quarreling with myself if I should buy it.

Shipping to Europe is 35$ making it really pricy, the price for just the book seems to be fair.

Maybe there could be a way to pool orders or something. Is anyone else here from Europe interested in the book?

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Gosh, Jo Chen's art always makes me swoon!
That's a good price, and for a self-published limited edition, a very good price. If I liked other of her series contributions (besides Buffy) I'd get in on it. (I mean I like her art, but I don't know the characters aside from the Buffy series).
I'm definitely getting one. The deluxe one, no less.

This a very fair price for what you're getting. Jo's artwork is gorgeous, regardless of whether or not you know the characters (and she has so much Buffy / Runaways work than anyone here will know plenty of them).

But more importantly, it's self-published! This is an excellent way to help an amazing artist make a living providing us with fantastic artwork. Considering the roller coaster rides this fandom has been through over the past few years, we're all supportive of helping artists own and profit from their own work, right?

If you love Jo's artwork but can't afford the book, why not help out by spreading the word across the blogosphere and twit'verse? She deserves it.
Thanks for the plug, Caroline and company.

I think that the book is priced reasonably; it's just the damn shipping charges to the U.K., Europe, South America, etc. that are deadly. I always feel pretty badly when telling the folks in New Zealand and Oz that shipping is between US$40 and $50! And that's the U.S. Post Office; the cheapest of the lot.

About the carrying case. It is less of a slip case than a custom printed box (with artwork) that contains the book and the extras. It even has a handle on it for actual carrying like a small briefcase. I designed it that way because I originally planned to majority of the books at cons in Asia and wanted people to have something to tote it around in that had additional space inside for other books and comic issues purchased at the con.

I decided to ship several hundred copies of the book and the extras to the U.S. because I thought some people might be interested.

I plan to have copies at some conventions this year including Katsucon, Emerald City, San Diego, Fanime, Yaoi-con, Otakon, etc. Or as long as the stock lasts.
I'd definitely love to check it out, but in over two hours I haven't been able to get that link to open. Hopefully I'm the only one with that problem (I like to be special). =)
Sorry about the website link. My admin is troubleshooting the problem. Just send me an email with your shipping address so that I can calculate the postage:
Jo, cool that you're attending Yaoi-con (dunno what city it's gonna be in for 2010, haven't been before, might go if it comes to Canada some day). Have you drawn/written any yaoi in the past (either the tame or more explicit stuff, curious about either) ? I see a dude in some strap-heavy leather suspender-type pants on the front page of your site, but that's not necessarily indicative of yaoi content in your work.
As soon as mine arrives, I'll take some photographs and post them for people to see what the book, carry case, etc really look like.
I miss Buffy so much so when Buffy season 8 came out I immediately subscribed to the series. One of the major reasons I did was the Jo Chen covers, absolutely beautiful. I have been lucky enough to receive her covers most of the time. It's funny. I grew up reading comics, but I find I am having trouble following the story in this form. Nevertheless I have to have those gorgeous covers.
Hi Jo,
I posted about your book on some Fanboards and a lot of people are asking if and how much of your Whedon related work it contains. Could you give us a heads up?
That sounds great RayHill.

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Very, very tempted. Like others here, I absolutely love her Whedon illustrations, but haven't seen much else. That said, good artwork is worth it for its own sake. I've been meaning to check out The Other Side of the Mirror too.

If this does contain most of the Whedon-related covers, etc., I think I'll just have to swallow the U.K. shipping charge and buy a copy. I never can resist a good art book.
Look for pics here.

And according to vampiresaiyan, it "pretty much has Jo's buffy covers for 1-20 and the first 3 trade pb covers" and one Willow sketch in the sketchbook.
I got my copy and took some photos of it, which you can find here:

The slip case isn't quite what I thought it was, but Jo's right about it being handy if you buy this at a con. Even if you leave the art book at home, it'll be a good con companion who want to keep their to-be-signed goodies from getting crushed/mangled in their backpacks.

The postcards aren't on as thick of card stock as a normal postcard, but they're made of the same shiny material as the book's dust jacket, which more than makes up for that.

Whether or not you go for the deluxe package, though, there's no mistaking that the art book itself is downright gorgeous!

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