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October 31 2003

FX's Halloween marathon schedule FX is showing 11 episodes of Buffy today.

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The episodes they're showing: Teacher's Pet; The Pack; Inca Mummy Girl; Halloween; I Only Have Eyes for You; Go Fish; Dead Man's Party; The Zeppo; Fear, Itself; Buffy vs Dracula; All the Way

Can't for the life of me figure out why they chose the episodes they did, aside from the three Halloween ones of course.

The marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. e/p.

I think just about any episode they choose would be appropriate. It IS a "monster show", after all...

Of course, the two Halloween eps fit the best.
I have satellite and my guide says that the last episode that they're playing is "All the Way".
Yup...Tivo says "All the Way".
But the monster element of most episodes isn't terribly prominent. After the 3 Halloween ones, I'd think the best would be 'Hush,' for example. I guess most of their choices aren't so bad, but surely there would be better Halloween choices than IOHEFY and The Zeppo...
"I Only Have Eyes for You"--ghosts
"The Zeppo"--zombies
'Nuff said.
They don't have a Halloweeny feel to me. That's all. But whatever.
Inca Mummy Girl is absolutely terrifying because of how bad it is. Except Willow in the eskimo costume. That is just classic.

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