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January 02 2010

The Firefly keychain. It's so tiny and shiny.

It's darling! Me wantee!
I need this. If you told me it opened beer I would buy one now, before it is even in production...
Looks. Nice. If it's not too expensive, maybe it can finally replace my Serenity/Can't Stop the Signal keychain which broke a few months ago. :-( I loved that keychain, since I got it at one of the pre-screenings. But a mini Serenity could definitely be a suitable replacement. :-)
Ooh, very shiny! I want this badly.
Damn your eyes, Irishman, for posting that devil's own enticement for me to spend more of my money that needs to go to a car!!!
Oh dear. I must have it. Now.
Sweet! That will make a nice Christmas tree ornament as well.
Gimmee!!!! That's so pretty and shiny!!
I WANT THIS. Put me on the list right now!
Add me to the want list please :)
"....Huh." -Malcolm Reynolds
"Fire bad, tree pretty." -Buffy Summers
"I like a cookie." -Hammy The Squirrel

....I just can't find the words, except to say, Yes please? :)
Hey, BrewBunny, I had the same idea.
If we're lucky, it may make the perfect Easter gift, although I wouldn't be surprised if it came in time for Wondercon or Wizard World Anaheim.
Yep. This is definitely something I'd consider buying. If it doesn't come in as too expensive when all is said and done (say, around EUR 20,-, including shipping rates and the like), I'll certainly be getting one of these.
Oh, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee! A perfect gift idea.
Yep, add me to the list of 'me wantee' :D

Small tree?

Don't you have one of the Serenity ornaments: Serenity Ornament You could display it on the stand or from a hook.


So poetical. QMX should use that line.

Keep the price low, QMx, and you can sell these for the next 20 years. :D
Dear Reality,

It just makes sense that I should have one of these and we both know it.

Yours in anticipation,

I agree with TDBrown. QMX, please don't make it limited edition...
This will pork up my car key-based keychain a bit, but there's no avoiding it. It will have to be pretty pricey to deter me.
Oh dear god I must have this. What would be even better is if those two spurs coming off the back could be used as a bottle opener.

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