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January 02 2010

Dr Horrible in Battle Royale for Man of the Decade. "...the battle's close, with Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman only separated by 20 votes." Until NPH and his Dr. Horrible buddies hit twitter with a call to vote. The vote is still going on, but Barrowman has since made his own twitter call to 'Torch' the Doctor.

I've been watching my Twitter page fill up with mentions of this - Felicia and Nathan have both encouraged followers to vote for NPH. (Then Neil Gaiman voiced his support of John Barrowman and my heart broke a little)
Follow more of the exciting action in post.
Wow, I didn't realize that Patrick was so buffed. Go Patrick!
I'm afraid I had to side with my country. JB FTW.
But... I love them both so much... :'(
Now Aly is in on the act: here
Ah, how polls tear my heart apart... voted for Neil, though, as much as I love and adore John.
Heh, this is like a presidential election, with all these people coming out for the candidates ;). So it's Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Ross for John Barrowman and Felicia, Nathan and Alyson for NPH. Seems like NPH needs some outside-whedonverse-support.

Anyway: voted for NPH (even though I think JB is great as well) :).
The comments are great. We're listed as a major force behind NPH.

(If I voted for JB, I could never admit it here, right?) ;)
Hmm. Well, I've never seen Torchwood, and barely remember the character from that Dr. Who episode, so...

But I don't watch HIMYM, and only vaguely remember NPH as Doogie. So...

On the other hand, he's a Whedonite, and my loyalty lies with the Great Purple and his motley crew.

And Aly, Felicia & Nathan are behind Neil, so...

But I'm not on Twitter, so my opinion doesn't really matter.
Sorry Neil, I voted for the Scot.
Oh why?! This is so gonna hurt... I love NPH but I love Barrowman too! Had to vote for JB. Sorry.
Yikes, conflicted. All other things being equal though, patriotism tipped the balance. Sorry NPH, Scots wha hae and all that ;).

(hopefully it ends as all battles between heroes end - team up !)
Am I the only person that can't stand Barrowman?

BARROWMAAAAAN! *shakes fist*
Hmm, I like him okay but he does annoy me from time to time and I'm afraid the Scottish thing would only really count if I liked him. ;) (David Tennant, for example, is teh awesum.) So I voted for NPH but I think they'll both be reasonably happy whichever one ends up on top of the other...
Ooh, matron ;).
Decided to stay neutral and voted for Cheyenne Jackson! Although, having been a fan of JB's since his Live & Kicking days, I guess my vote should probably have gone there.
"But I'm not on Twitter, so my opinion doesn't really matter."

ShadowQuest, this isn't a Twitter poll, it's on, so your opinion definitely does/can count!
Alyssa Milano also tweeted about it. I voted NPH :)
I voted for NPH, but it was really hard to not for for JB. My loyalties were definitely torn.
Barrowman has since made his own twitter call to 'Torch' the Doctor.

Okay, that's just confusing as hell for those of us who sit in both fandoms. ;)
Yeah, that threw me to begin with too (then I noticed the 'the' wasn't capitalised - Doctor Horrible is great and all but he's just not the definite article ;).
I voted for NPH. 'cos, Neil. Suck it, Barrowman.
"Doctor who?" :) Sorry, went with Captain Jack on this one. Love them both, but I'm sure this won't have TOO much effect on how their careers go!
Yeah i'm sure they're both big enough to deal with the ups and downs and take it like men.
Sorry Scottish ancestors, NPH gets my vote!
Aww, I was a little heartbroken by the Neil Gaiman thing though it sorta makes sense. (Plus Mirrormask went up against Serenity didn't it? Though neither did as stunningly as I'd hoped.) That said, it is interesting to consider how everyone framed this particular debate.

Both of them did have pretty big moments as gay men this decade but I was rather won over by NPH really going for the playful suggestive pun. (If we were just going by the last two years though... it seems like it'd be a pretty tight race again since Barrowman's Torchwood had its best effort yet but NPH had all those award shows...)
I went for NPH when I first saw whoever tweeted about it the other day. I do like Barrowman, and I'm currently in the midst of watching Children of Earth, but for me he's not someone I see regularly - he's done too much boring reality stuff to make me really, really notice him. On the other hand, I see at least one episode of HIMYM a week.
I suppose I could close my eyes and pick. Though as much as I like NPH, I was a Torchwood fangirl long before Dr. Horrible came along. Decisions, decisions. :(
I can't choose between Captain Jack and Dr. Horrible. Why? Because it's WRONG. I pick them both. You can't make me pick just one. Nope. Won't do it. La la la.
Wouldn't it be great if the both of them were co-hosts for the Oscars?
I had to vote Barrowman all the way. It was a close race for me, I mean to Neil I chalk up How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible, and endless other web amusement. But to Barrowman I must credit an equal number of hilarious youtube hours (Nevermind the Buzzcocks, anyone?), being my gateway to the wonderful channel of BBC America, and of course, Torchwood. It was a close call, but in the end Barrowman edged out NPH by making out with James Marsters.
Wouldn't it be great if the both of them were co-hosts for the Oscars?

That would be simply too much awesomeness in one room. Hollywood couldn't survive it. ;)
I think I would have to side with NPH on this one. Barrowman is great and he is fantastic in Dr.Who/Torchwood (as well as that Nevermind the Buzzcocks mentioned above,) but he doesn't compare to his horribleness or Barney.

Quick correction in the article linked to above though, Jonathan Ross isn't really that well loved in the UK. I quite like him (sometimes,) but he has his fair share of haters. Mainly because he gets paid so much by the publicly funded BBC and because of the controversy he caused with Russel Brand. It may not have been entirely their fault, as the producer really should have jumped in, but it was just a completely unfunny and embarrassing joke from the start. I'm sure it did a lot of damage to his reputation. I doubt his support would garner as many votes as the article indicates.
Jonathan Ross isn't really that well loved in the UK Depends who you speak to...
Yeah, same with any TV personality, not universally loved nor universally hated. I like him because for all his faults I find him quite genuine and to me that seems to be the general feeling but that's purely anecdotal (and as usual, the plural of anecdote is not data ;).
It's all pretty fun, and funny. I can't get myself to vote. I love Neil Patrick Harris, he is immensely talented, clever and likable. But for gay man of the year, John Barrowman is much more visibly out, and has been for a while.
Plus ailiel has a point about the making out with James Marsters. Pretty much legendary!
As wonderful a guy as JB seems to be, I just enjoy NPH's body of work more, so Neil gets the nod. Plus I must obey Alyson in all things ;p anyone else amused at the #biggaybattle hashtag on Twitter?
Ok, I voted.

I was happy to see Sir Ian on there, and surprised to see David Hyde Pierce. I was not aware he was gay.

When do we find out the results?
I voted for NPH back when Neil first twittered about it ("cute little Neil!"), I only wish I could vote over and over again! I do love a lot of others on the list, but Neil is my favoritist.
Bah, in hindsight I just remembered I really should have voted for Sir Ian. He had most of the X-Men movies and Lord of the Rings. Plus if they're really lumping together "everyone under 30" then he may as well get "all old white men" and then any vote for Ian is a vote for Dumbledore too. (Even if he didn't ever actually end up playing the character.)
They would pit Neil and John against each other. Two of my most revered, musical theatre, all-round good actors. Geez, voting was like pulling the wing off a fly (not that I would know anything about that)...
John. Always.

Though tempted by David Hyde Pierce.
I was torn, and in the end I voted for Neil :P
" 'Jonathan Ross isn't really that well loved in the UK' Depends who you speak to..."

Oh, I wouldn't disagree with that. I think he is very much a love him or hate him kind of guy. Although, as is usually the case with me and those kind of people, I find myself in neither category. I used to love his radio show, but have found myself become increasingly indifferent to him. I just didn't think the article was correct in saying people didn't hate Ross, when he has his fair share of detractors.

Lol - I'm with you, he's too much in interviews *g*
"Jonathan Ross isn't really that well loved in the UK. I quite like him (sometimes,) but he has his fair share of haters. Mainly because he gets paid so much by the publicly funded BBC"

Which he gets because he is well loved, funny how that works.

"and because of the controversy he caused with Russel Brand."

Which was mostly a "controversy" with the tabloids. No other entertainers seemed to have much of a problem with it, and there was a huge support group on facebook (which was ignored by a scaredy cat BBC)

"I'm sure it did a lot of damage to his reputation"

I on the other hand think it did nothing, since it was nothing but media hysteria.
Yeah, it didn't do anything. Emotionally it scared Ross for a bit but he seems to be back and it gave Brand a load of material for his Scandalous Tour. They are pretty hilarious together on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and I think in panel shows/Ross being himself is where he shines the most. He talks to much during his interviews on Friday Night. And sometimes doesn't give his guests the respect they deserve.

He's a pretty awesome guy and a really awesomesome tweeter.
Barrowman!! (shakes fist)

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