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"I don't get it. What is it, avant-garde?"
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January 03 2010

A Dollhouse spoof. Awesome fan effort but it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea.

That'd be me not drinking the tea. I think I made it through 50 seconds. But it is time for coffee, though.
Definitely kinda amateurish and some of it fell flat but there were some good moments. Adelle and the lentils gave me a giggle. And I think they get a lot of points for sheer effort.
Oh come on, they have a units of measurement joke and a doll called Vodka. Love.
And 4:11 is quite possibly the greatest second in motion picture history.
Hahaha great effort and actually really funny in places... not bad, not bad at all. Me like!
I thought it was awesome!
Brilliant fan effort, though maybe it's funnier if you're, Brittish.

4:11 - That's how I remember it too!
Heh, embarrassingly amateurish (even while seeming aware of it), but funny in bits. You gotta make it through the first minute or two though. Good Adelle.

I couldn't understand what they were saying, in places, even when they were trying on fairly convincing American accents. Think it had more to do with the recording quality than anything else.
I actually laughed out loud at several bits. "Gurl, don't make me cut you!"
Okay, I actually laughed pretty hard at:

"It was a British love..."
"Echo! ...Again!"

I think they have a pretty solid grasp of the show. :)
"Did I fall asleep?" "No, you had a stroke."
4:11 - are they posters here (or, 'ere?)
Ah not bad, not exactly polished but it had some genuine laughs which is precisely some more than a lot of fan efforts. Not sure if the double 't' was deliberate (like Brit-tish, deliberately over-enunciating the 't') ? Cos Jesus, if we can't get it right ourselves then how can we expect Johnny Foreigner to ?

Lentils, Echo ... again ! Man Sierra, stroke, "a British love", "Topher" in general. Good stuff. And yep, first stop Whedonesque for the gen. True dat ;).
I thought it was cute :) I like the British love.
I thought it was cute, as well.
The Vodka/Alpha exchange is my favorite part. "Girl, don't make me cut you."
It was ok. Pretty good.
We watched the last 6 episodes again today. It is going to suck so much when this is gone.

When Jenny and I made this we most certainly did not expect this kind of response! This is extraordinary! We would just like to thank everyone so much for their support and leaving such nice comments!

This really is a dream come true for us, and we're just happy that everyone could see our thank you and farewell to what we think is Joss' best yet! We just wanted to give something back for all the great times we've had watching the show!

We did it with one tiny, decrepit camera, stacks of DVD's for a tripod, an ancient laptop and a whole lot of heart!

In the end, all we can say is thank you; thank you to you guys who watched it! Thank you to for posting it! And thank you to Joss for the show!


P.S. This wont be the last you'll hear of us! ;)
That sounds ominous ;).
Right? I got goosebumps...
Love it. Also, love that Dollhouse hoodie that Jenny is wearing. Where can I get one?!
From here :D,284000212
Ha! That was freakin hilarious.

Vodka: "I think I like it"
Very hamish, but then that's what a spoof should be! Hamish. Hamish with a side of yummy bacon and eggs. And yes, this parody serves as a very important reminder that the British are still very evil indeed. And in need of more sanitized lentils. If you need further proof, just look at the side of the road they drive on! Yep, it's the wrong side, because wrong of course means evil... Duh!

Loved the hugh Whedonesque posting.

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