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January 04 2010

Trucker DVD released tomorrow. I cannot believe this went nearly straight to DVD. Roger Ebert put it in his top 20 movies on 2009. Wish it had come to Phoenix.

Distribution was evidently extremely limited. It came to Illinois, for instance, but never got to Indiana. Too bad, but permaybehaps it got enough buzz for some Oscar consideration for Miss Monighan. I read several reviews, and it was well received by the critics.
Amazon says my DVD is on the way! Yay--new Nathan!
I'm frequently disappointed with what movies don't come to Phoenix. Seriously, we're a big city, people! Alas.
Netflix lists it as being streamable "soon", also.
@kishi Dallas is a big city, in one of the biggest states in the country, Texas. You'd be amazed at the things that never make it out here. It's very frustrating. :)
I saw this film at the Austin Film Festival and thank god. I'd've missed it otherwise. It is a great little movie. It reminds me of the emotionally authentic films of the '70's.

Like Dollhouse, it deserves a bigger audience.

I just may have to buy that DVD myself.
Trucker is R rated so that knocks it automatically out of some theaters.
I'm hoping we will have some Nathan extras.
Trucker is R rated so that knocks it automatically out of some theaters.

Even if so, not enough theaters to be statistically relevant, really.
Why would it knock it out of some cinemas, are not all US movie houses equipped to project swear words ? They should consider upgrading.
I saw a review of the DVD posted somewhere (sorry... can't give a link; forgot the site name). According to the review, the only "extras" are still photo collections of the star, and selected scenes from the film. Sorry; doesn't seem to be much Nathan Love in the "extras".
Netflix streaming has been activated.

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