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January 04 2010

Best of the rest (those Joss lists in full). Cause the year was ending and the decade too, there were numerous lists that Joss' stuff appeared in. Here's some you might have missed. Airlock Alpha picked Joss as one of their top newsmakers of 2009. SciFi Wire chose scenes from 'Objects in Space' and 'Once More With Feeling' as part of their "12 favorite sci-fi and fantasy TV moments of the decade". Robot 6 @Comic Book Resources said Buffy Season 8 was one of the most important comics of the decade (comics commenter Tom Huxley said it was one of his top ten comics of the decade). And finally, Digital Spy's Tube Talk said Dollhouse was one of their top 25 shows of 2009.

Hmm... my favourite moments from "Objects in Space" all involve River. Especially the "I'll be your bounty" part.
The Buffy comic is also important to the comic book industry for getting women into it. (And me.)
*awaits the Wizard Special Issue: Finally Pointy is Among Us*

I see this is generating more commentary than each separate item would've :).
The Buffy comic got women into Pointy?
Shit, I knew I should've bought more copies.

(a top 10 comic of the decade though ? Not totally convinced. Very heady company Buffy "season 8" is keeping there)
Heather Havrilesky had Dollhouse in her top ten of the year, too. Don't think it was posted here.

knuckleball's favorite line of River's is my least favorite. The first time I heard it, it just clanged for me. It felt maudlin and self-pitying and out-of-character. Contrast that line with her lines to Simon when she said she knew she was broken and broke into tears for Simon and his sacrifice, not for herself. So it was a relief when I found out she was just playing Early.

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I realize that Digital Spy is a U.K. site, but .... Primeval, Robin Hood and Merlin, but no BSG? Please, they can't be serious.
Kudos for including Dollhouse, but at it's worst, it was never that bad. ;)

Sci Fi Wire had a good list of shows but I would have chosen different scenes, for most. And they apparently had trouble finding clips to go with their picks. Firefly definitely deserved a place on that list, but I can think of several scenes I would have preferred.
The one from Lost was great for the reveal, but Jack is one of my least favorite characters. A half dozen scenes from The Constant, would have worked better for me. Or . Which is the only time Lost has ever made me cry.

Loved the BSG "so many to choose from", but I wouldn't have chosen the one they did - although that one was made of awesome. If really pressed, I would probably have picked , although I can think of at least a half dozen others.

It's January 4th and this list stuff is still fun. We genre fans never get to see our favorites get the recognition they deserve (or far too seldom, at least), from mainstream sources.

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So it was a relief when I found out she was just playing Early.

But she wasn't just playing Early. She knew full well the crew was hearing her, too. She could have, in fact, disabled the intercom to everyone else, but she didn't. Wash very clearly feels River's words when he hears them. River was playing Early, but also knowingly using the moment to say some things to the crew she could never have said to them otherwise.

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Tim Goodman, the television reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle, put BtVS at no. 16 on his list of the decade's best TV shows .
Shey, The Airlock Alpha list was only from TV eps in 2009, hence the BSG wasteland not being in there. Not trying to be snarky or anything, but I write for AA, and I would have voted for it, but it was in 2008. It was a FANTASTIC moment!
Thanks for the reminder, whiterabbit - so many lists, so little time. ;-)

That may have also negated my Lost comments as well, not sure when my picks aired.
Thanks to Zeitgeist, The One True B!x, and Saje, now commences web-wide debate over whether the Buffy comic is a path to fame or a brainy babe magnet. Good, good. All is going according to plan.

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