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January 04 2010

Carpe Noctem - the next Tale of the Vampires story. Writer Jackie Kessler tells Comic Book Resources all about her webcomic set during Buffy Season 8.

I hope this will be available somewhere else apart from Myspace, so that we can see it in the UK. Does anyone know exactly why we are blocked from seeing Dark Horse Presents?
Cool.The web comics are great little side stories for season 8.
I've accessed DHP from the UK before, I'm sure.
mr_waterproof: Scott Allie said in a recent Slayalive Q&A:

It's problems at Myspace. Something about how certain features are "mirrored" into other countries, even Canada. We keep asking them to fix it, but it hasn't happened yet. We're really sorry about it.

Wasn't there already an Angel episode named Carpe Noctem? I seem to remember that. I think it might have been the one where Angel swapped bodies with an old man.
Every few months a bunch of the web comics do get collected into a printed TPB. Definitely expensive if you're only interested in a single story, which is usually either 2 or 8 pages. Retail price is typically $19.95 US, but usually available for several dollars less at Amazon. I like to have the high quality glossy printed pages, so I do tend to buy the issues that contain Buffy or Dr. Horrible material.
Yep, GreatMuppetyOdin. They should title differently to avoid confusion, but I guess since it's a Buffy tale rather than an Angel one, it's just the same ep title for a different series, so it's all good (has anyone noticed how often "Tabula Rasa" gets used as a title for various sci-fi shows?).

Glad to see Paul Lee return to the franchise. He did some excellent covers within the latter half of the non-canon, pre-Season 8 Buffy comic's run from Dark Horse. Can't remember if he ever did interior art for Buffy, prior to this. The pages seen at Comic Book Resources look great.

Cool to get more free bits of Season 8. Not sure if the "vamps-are-popular" thing is something I'm in the mood to revisit, but maybe this'll flesh it out better.

I know it's probably just a line to sum up and sell the story, but the author repeats this story arc's headline of, "Vampires are In, Slayers are Out," and it still kind of annoys. Slayers were never "in", they were discovered shortly after vamps in the Buffyverse (aside from some portions of the military already being aware of both supernaturals). They never had a chance to be "in". Hope this author understands the show/comic and its history.

This feels like the first time we've seen some long-lived vamps in a while. Prior to this, not since the Turok-Han ubervamps in Season 7 ? (and they weren't characters really, just growly monsters/plot devices, so it might be interesting to get some aged vamps with speaking roles again)

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Funny, I just got to that episode last night. Been revisint Angel these passed weeks. It's indeed with old-guy body swap.
tonewaugh, I was going to buy the MDHP trades but the Buffy stories will probably be collected with the Season Eight hardcovers when they are released.
Riker, yes, in fact Harmony Bites and Vampy Cat Play Friend from MDHP have been collected in the Predators and Prey TPB.

Kris, I recall Paul Lee did Buffy #55 "Dawn and Hoopy the Bear." Checking now, I see he did it all - wrote, pencilled, inked, colored and lettered it, did the cover, and even handled the letters column. (Not to say he didn't also do other interiors, but this one I remembered.)
You are right, tonewaugh. But since I get the floppy issues, I'm holding out for the nice, shiny hardcovers that'll hopefully collect all the MDHP stuff and the one-shot tie-ins. I'm just letting people know they don't need to buy all the MDHP trades AND the Buffy trades AND the eventual Buffy hardcovers. ;-)

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