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January 04 2010

Buffy Season 8 nominated for Diamond Gem Awards 2009. Includes nominations in the following categories: "2009 Comic Book of the Year Under $3.00", "2009 Licensed Comic of the Year" and "2009 Licensed TP or HC of the Year".

And some of them are up for "2009 Colorless Category" awards.
I think they're adding the "Getting Pointy into Comics" category for this year. And it's about time.
It's not about me, Saje, it's about every little girl who's dreamt of growing up to become the comic book of the year . . . under three bucks.

Wish they'd lose the price range.
Well the trend is towards $3.99 an issue so before long you may well get that wish Pointy. I dunno, I sort of appreciate the honesty myself - it's a trade award that's partly about sales performance. Maybe slightly too overt a reminder of the business side of the art/business equation though.
"Stylish But Affordable Book of the Year"?

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