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January 04 2010

(SPOILER) Press release for the series finale of Dollhouse. The thirteenth episode of season 2 will air on January 22nd.

I guess Ivy isn't gonna be in the last two episodes. That sucks.
I was just going to ask if there are any notable Dollhouse characters not in the roster for the final episode...
No Alexis :( I was hoping to see President Perrin.
I. Hate. Waiting. So no Dom or Ivy, which we knew, I suppose. That is a whole lot of guesters, though.
I don't trust that guest cast list: Miracle Laurie tweeted an interview she did recently and in it she says she's not in Epitaph 2, Amy Acker was only signed for 3 episodes this season so this would make her 4th, and I just don't imagine Bennett being there.
Dominic's there.


You don't trust the guest cast list coming directly from Fox?

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Seriously, Miracle *just* tweeted an interview she did with some sci fi podcast and they ask her if she's in Epitaph 2 and she says no.
Miracle's final day of shooting was during Epitaph Two filming. She's fibbing to make it a surprise.
Miracle wrapped long before the rest of the cast, didn't she? I could have sworn she tweeted about her last day of filming at least a week before everyone else did. And if that guest cast list is accurate, I'm stoked!

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Haha, sometimes I can't read... And I'm now officially excited for Dom-time (ugh, that hurts my ears).

The Amy thing is weird, though. Wasn't everyone saying she wasn't going to be in 2x12? What happened with that? Not that I mind, of course, bring on the Amy.
Amy, Summer, Reed and Miracle in the finale? Cool!

Surprising, but it sort of makes sense. Joss and the writers have to close the door on so many storylines.
Do we know who directed the final two episodes yet?
I'm guessing that there's a bit missing from the end of the press release.
I'm excited to see Eliza's brother Nate on that list. He should be in more stuff!

OT: does anyone follow Anne Rice on twitter? she tweeted that she's a huge DH fan :)

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So the episode is now officially called Epitaph Two: THE Return? Personally, I would probably go without the subtitle altogether and leave it being simply Epitaph Two.

And also... Look at that guest list! Wow! It seems that they managed to get everyone back for the finale besides Ivy (who will be thoroughly missed). Alexis would be cool too but I guess you can't have everybody. And I wasn't expecting him there anyway so no need to feel disappointed.
Assuming it doesn't follow the flashback structure, then I suppose that would mean that Whiskey didn't die at the end of Epitaph One, which is a nice thought.
No Ivy. You have broken my heart again, Joss...
"Series Finale" Ugh.

That's a sad headline Simon. I can't believe its just a couple more weeks and it's all over...RIP Dollhouse.

On a happier note, I just got my S1 dvd set yesterday, so I can finally watch Epitaph One!
Maybe Ivy is killed in one of the next two episodes?
Just wondering, when Giles and Drusilla's guest starring credits were at the end of their episodes on Buffy/angel respectively, were they listed as guest stars in press releases?

Anyway, wasn't there a press release last season in which Amy was listed as a guest character, but wasn't actually in the episode? I think I remember a press release where a character was mentionned that turned out not to have appeared in that episode.
Fox's press releases sometimes have issues. Like episode names.
Great to see so many guest stars back for the finale.
Although I second the complaint of there being no Ivy or Perrin, its nice to see Elizas brother will be in it. And Amy and Summer.
I wonder if Ivy dies... just when we were really starting to like her.

Nate Dushku is credited as Clive. Clive Ambrose? Christian Monzon is beautiful, and Brandon Dieter might be the cutest kid ever. Check it out:
Eh. Hasn't the apocalypse already happened by the final episode?
Didn't an earlier release mention something about sacrifices, implying someone died? Great cast list, except being without Ivy.
Yes, eyes . Press release of episode 12 was all about sacrifice.
I've avoided spoilers, but accidentally looked at this. So, is this the first time we've heard of Nate Dushku being Clive? That's big news to me.
Pretty sure Eliza tweeted once about how great it was to have Nate on set and filming an episode with her, but I don't think she ever said who he was going to play.
Action Kilo. That's all I'm sayin'.

Oh, and CliveActual Ambrose is in 11.

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Do previous Dolls in this world refer to themselves by their Active name? Priya mentioned Charlie and Juliet in E1, and this press release mentions Romeo and Kilo, but I think that would make little sense especially since Priya had her real name birthmarked on her.
Maybe there are two actives really named Charlie and Juliet?
I wonder how this is going to work because I was sure some of those characters would have died before the finale. I expected Epitaph 2 would pick up directly where Epitaph 1 left off, but now I can see it starting with Echo and co. at Safe Haven, and Caroline meeting her there: we won't actually see their journey to Safe Haven, or have explained why they're climbing up and not down (I assume technical reasons). But all our crew is at Safe Haven? That's surprising to me. Maybe some will just appear in flash backs but flash backs are kind of hokey, they worked in Epitaph 1 because they were necessary, and I know they can make it work again. Maybe flash backs from Echo's journey?
They're going to kill Ivy, aren't they? :'(
Nooo! Ivy!! D=
Also, I hope they arn't lying bout Bennet/Whisky.
Re: Active names vs. Actual names, I got the impression from Anthony and Priya's conversation in Epitaph One that some of the Actives had chosen to continue taking "the meds" in order to remain in a semi-Doll state. Priya didn't want to take the meds because she wanted to remember who she was, even if it meant having headaches (which are probably similar to the headaches Echo experienced as she began integrating all the people in her head). So the Actives who were "at circle" while Adelle watched over them in Epitaph One may just be Dolls who have been allowed to form more realized versions of their Doll selves. They may be Dolls that chose not to return to their original identities or Dolls that were not given the same option as Anthony and Priya.

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