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January 05 2010

(SPOILER) Promotional photos for the Dollhouse series finale. Enjoy! And these are INCREDIBLY spoilerific- you have been warned.

Blergharghgwervagh... Need a minute to reconstruct my thoughts...
Wow! So...I'm guessing it's a no flashback Epipath, but...woah. Everyone looks SO badass in those pictures, Anthony especially. And Adelle, too, standing in the bodies, wow. It all looks sooo good. I don't wanna wait.

But there is one major downside: it looks like that press release was in fact wrong. No Bennett in sight, no November in sight, no Saunders in sight, no Dominic in sight :( It's depressing, but hopefully, they get a fitting end to their arcs in 2.11 or 2.12. Or maybe I'm wrong? :-/
Or there could be flashbacks. Or twists.

I just watched Epitaph One last night. A couple of these made me squeal.
Good for me Resolution for 2010 #11 is to avoid Dollhouse spoilers, and I only have to keep that one up for less than 1/12th of the new year. I'm proud of myself to go for the click, then backing off.
That one Adelle image is what I'm looking forward to a nutshell.

Also it looks like we'll have hair continuity. Fandom crisis averted, whew.
Kilo snuck in apparently. Looks interesting, although I only really feel spoiled in the sense that they're revisiting the future. Not sure anything else about it is too set in stone.
Bahaha, Sunfire- I actually said "Hair!" pretty loudly while looking through these...

ETA: Also, I wonder if they're going to fix the title at Spoiler TV. Unless it is in fact "Epitath 2" now, for some reason...

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Not that many photos; folks could be in other scenes.

And Dichen still looks incredibly scary.
Glad I'm not the only one that noticed the post apocalyptic beautiful hair.
The photos on the Fox flash site say "Epitaph Two: Return". Not a "The" in sight.
ln a word whoa, these pictures are tight
What's the metal stuff around Anthony's ear? It's kinda all sorts of spiffy.
Guess we know for sure now that Caroline didn't kill Adelle and Topher (not that we really expected otherwise). And who else is betting for sure now that Madeline/November/Mellie dies in 1.12? Gah! Can't wait!
Does have the photos with captions? I don't seem to see them on there.
The metallic stuff is super cool. I thought maybe it was part of the cure or whatever, but that obviously would not make any sense. It sucks not seeing any of the guesters just yet, but I'm also wondering where the hell Boyd is. And how much the scary 2x12 photos have to do with his absence.

ETA: Fox Flash, complete with captions-

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For once, the captions don't reveal much. And it seems these pics are only from a few scenes.

Also, T is definitely the Priya/Anthony spawn.
Speaking of spoilers, here's a spoiler-y look at what may be Felicia Day's next movie roll.
Bladerunner Victor! And badass Adelle! This is going to be the best finale ever.
Hahaha:) It's kinda totally off topic, and most likely a self plug but I don't care cuz that's hilarious
The Fox press release has the ep name wrong, just FYI.
Gossi, is that to imply that other things could be wrong, or just to get the correct title out there?
I got a total Mad Max flashback from the first Anthony picture. Nice outfit, really. That metal stuff in his face looks strange, though.

In the last picture Topher looks like he snapped out of his crazy-crying-breakdown phase - or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I really hope not, because I don't want Dollhouse to end with him still in pieces.
Yes. Mad Max. Wrong 80s film. Sorry.
Anthony's expression looks a bit... petulant. I wonder if he's been captured/imprinted and is now linked in to something (com device around ear?)... we don't see him 'round that table.
Grr, ;) Gossi there's no reason you can't tell me you know/suspect the press release to be wrong! That's not releasing anything! Unless it's wrong on purpose...
When I look at that picture with Zone and Iris, where they seem to be very close, I immediately think of the scene where Iris said, that she admires him and wants to be like him when she grows up. But then I realize that that wasn't Iris, who said that, but some cold-hearted bitch, who didn't care for Zone at all and wanted to kill him. But even that's not important because, of course, the last "occupant" of the girl's body was Caroline.

This just proves what a twisted mindfuck this show really is. It will be greatly missed, when it's gone...

PS: With Iris not really being Iris but Caroline, I wonder why they seem to have such a close relationship with Zone. Perhaps Caroline 2.0 has fallen for him? Or maybe that's not even Caroline anymore but some other personality, which they managed to imprint in to the body of Iris?

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