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January 06 2010

Angel shout-out on last night's episode of NCIS. Did you notice the law firm of "Wolfram, Hart, and Donowitz"?

Thanks to Meghan for the heads up.

The link mentioned that the writer had an Angel connection, but failed to include some of the details. Jesse Stern was an assistant to David Greenwalt (according to IMDB).

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in the realm of sad coincidence, pauley perrette, who plays abby, was close to glenn quinn.
I mentioned this to my Mom (who loves NCIS):)...although I didn't know about the Pauley Perrette and Glen Quinn conection.
is it just me or is Donowitz familiar to?
It says it in the article, but Donowitz is a charecter name that Tarantino has used twice. I'm not sure what the writers room connection to Tarantino is, but the person writing the article seems to think that is where it is from.
I haven't seen the episode yet, but I'll definitely look out for it. :D Yay, fandom collisons!
NCIS is racking up the geek cred this year, having already mentioned the TARDIS and Doctor Who in an earlier episode.
And since the lawyer woman is Hart, that means she's...(uh oh)...a senior partner.
Din Din Dinnnn ! Presumably that'd make Robert Patrick's character, what, The First Evil ? Who, if anyone, was above the Senior Partners on the baddie side ?

Fun episode in general, McGee with the full-on geek-out that even Abby doesn't really grok, the laying out of another potential mini-arc, the in-joke about hair loss (due credit to Michael Weatherly, he's game for a laugh), good stuff.

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