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January 06 2010

'Joss Whedon Is Our Master Now' - an article. Esther Kustanowitz explains why "Joss' experience, humor and energy will see us through the next decade". Extra material that cut for space can be found over at the author's blog.

I suspect a lot of kudos will be sent out for this article, but I found it full of stuff that's already been written before. No new slant on things. But that's me.
May be nothing new but it's nice to read something like this once in a while.
Relatedly, a virtual acquaintance of mine recently posted ten reasons she just can't quit Joss Whedon.
Definitely some of the same but still thoroughly enjoyable. And I love the "Resistance is futile – this is Whedon’s world, and we’re just lucky to be living in it."
Media maven Ms Kustanowitz, who's an online acquaintance of mine, dropped me a note that, "the piece wasn't meant to be anything innovative - just a celebration that we fans might enjoy and perhaps an explanation for some of those ...who don't know who Joss is or why there's so much worship around him." (She would have commented, but hasn't set up a W'esque account, surprisingly.)

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