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January 06 2010

NPH beats Barrowman in "Big Gay Battle". After a heated battle and many endorsements, NPH came out on top with 61% of the votes.

Neil also tweeted about it here:

Good for NPH! I'm not ecstatic by the results because I like them both but the one I voted for won. :D

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I didn't know they were battling. Were there oils of some kind?
No, AngelDiva, but that thought is a happy one.
If there ever were a real battle, it would involve them, me, and olive oil. Winner takes all. Grrr!!!!
Wow, his statement is even naughtier than his earlier tweets.
Now I really, really want to see them on screen together. I don't care what it may be, but whatever it is, it would be fantastic.
I would have typed a response five minutes ago when I first read this news, but I got all distracted by the whole olive oil thing. Then I had to think about it for awhile.

Good times.
I voted for Captain Jack but only because it looked like he was losing and I was hoping to induce a tie so there would have to be some kind of overtime involving Jello and Gareth David-Lloyd.
I was happy to vote for NPH, and I'm really happy he won.... But I'm surprised that Stephen Fry wasn't included in the poll (he has reached a million followers on twitter!).
I think NPH needs to be an alien That hooks up with Captain Jack in a Space bar. Maybe they could be thrown into a dimension where everyone has to sing their words.

Either that, or John could be a new superhero for Doctor Horrible to conquer. We might have to change his rank from Captain though, since we already have Captain Hammer.
John Barrowman for Dr. Horrible 2! Make it happen!
*brain freeze* had a cool comment to add, but now my mind is too busy with Jack saving the world from Dr. Horrible with oil. Because we know how much Jack loves his doctors!
Damn you interwebs, this is blatant not-actually-a-race-ism ! Why not just come over and re-clear the highlands, eh ?


I voted for Barrowman but NPH winning isn't exactly a tragedy, especially when the whole thing was conducted with such grace and good humour (not to mention profoundly smutty innuendo ;). Nice to see something like this happening at all, good times.
yay, i voted for NPH like 8 times.
Well deserved NPH, I voted several times for him.
I voted for NPH, too. Glad to see he won, although, as others have said, there were other candidates that were as deserving of the T-shirt.
Neil won by more than 30% over John. I guess Whedonites are mighty (with a little help from their famous friends).
I definitely like the plan to get NPH on Torchwood and/or Barrowman (*shakes fist*) in Dr. Horrible 2. Captains, Doctors...their worlds are just so compatible. Not to mention that the first scenario has a high chance of involving gratuitous snogging and the second has a high chance of involving spontaneous harmony. Win-win, I say.
Go Neil! I love men named 'Neil'. Dr. Horrible FTW.
Um I would have chosen John Barrowman - but I love NPH as well so........good for him.

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