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October 31 2003

Eliza Dushku wants to be a part of Joss' world, she tells the New York Daily News.

"She also wouldn't mind getting a shot at a guest part on "Angel," either. She said she loves the world that series creator Joss Whedon has made and never wants to be out of it."

Hm, considering how badly Tru Calling tanked in the ratings last night (go figure), I can't say I'm surprised. :)
What I want to know, is when is AtS going to address the slayer issue? There's gotta be at least a few that were called in LA... wouldn't they seek out demon activity? Drop by W&H maybe?

Also, where the heck is ZachsMind? I miss his posts!
I thought the same...where is Zachsmind?? his posts also!
Zachmind was last spotted here at the ATPoBtVS.
well someone let him know that this board is in dire need of his posts

Quick, someone find a link about Dawn!

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Yes, I too have been wondering about the Slayer issue. If there are now so many that can be activated-why aren't they kicking Vampy butt all over the place? It should be Slayerpalooza!
Maybe, LA being so close to Sunnydale, compared to other places, any SiT previously in LA are more likely to have already been picked up by Giles in S7, and that's why we have yet to see activated slayers running around on AtS.

Heh, "Slayerpalooza!"
Caleb's minions had been killing as many SiTs as they could find and the Summer's house held nearly all that were extent at the finale. The few others that they showed us when the spell was cast may have been the world wide all of it. There may only be a couple dozen Slayers planet wide and without Watchers to tell them, why would they have any clue aqbout what happened? Some would hide and try to ignore it, some would follow the path of evil Faith and a few would try and find out the hell is going on. Almost none of them, unless contacted, would have any reason to follow Buffy's path.
Willow said she could "feel" them, "hundreds of them" , so we know there are more out there. You're right about the lack of direction though, with no Watchers, what's a girl to do?

Maybe when Alyson guests on AtS, there'll be reason for Willow to do that locator spell again, the one that found Amanda. OR, could be that W&H are already on it. Gad! Where's Giles when you need him?

Fan-wank much?
Giles is dossing around playing the Pirate King on the London stage.
See, I always thought of the many slayers out there that aren't being watched and could potentially take their abilities to a bad place, much like Faith did. So I always figured if they did do Faith's show, with the traveling on a motorcycle premise, it would make perfect sense to incorporate the rogue slayers into that.
She'd be running from the law - she did break out of prison, after all - and maybe some uberdemon that she can't face on her own, as well as fighting baddies that she meets through her travels. But where she decides to go, may depend on any word she could be getting from Willow and/or Giles and the rest of the gang, telling her about some angry slayer that needs to be set straight. Not the same thing every week... otherwise it would be boring, but that would certainly add a lot of options to the story. Maybe towards the end of a season, a lot of the slayers she's helped will join together and help her fight the big demon that's on her trail. And of course, always having those smaller demons to fight in the interum. Storyline to progress... character development. She could make a stop at home and we could see her dysfunctional family.
[Edited to add - There are also issues with her bike to deal with, like repairs and gas money. She could be like Xander and do things that "No power on this earth" would he tell us about. She is free-spirited.]
There's a lot of potential there, but it'd have to be done right. As long as we didn't see endless shots of her spanning the country on the bike, it could work.

But I'm easily amused and this may be total crap. What do I know? lol

[ edited by Greyflowers on 2003-11-03 19:29 ]
I think that sounds good, Greyflowers! I'd watch!

Hey does anyone know if Joss frequents this site, or even knows about it? He should. On both counts.
We don't know, but we've reserved a usernumber for him.

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