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January 07 2010

Official Dollhouse auctions begin. 20th Century Fox are selling off the props. At the moment you can bid for Adelle's shoes, Echo's boots, pendant and earrings and an outfit worn by Mellie.

According to a post over at the official forum:

New memorabilia items will be added every week. These one of a kind items include character wardrobes and a broad array of props from this amazing television show.

Nothing of interest from the Dollhouse lot, but I looked around and found that Buffy stuff is still being sold - they have Spike's letter from 'Fool For Love' and some Sunnydale High book cover.

It seems odd to me that they still have old stuff, like alien foetuses from The X-Files. Whose been hiding that all these years?
I would love to own Spike's letter, even tough those copies might never have been actually used on the show, just made as back ups, but the auction is over 200dollars now. Maybe the buyer will sell some copies.
Adelle's shoes are awesome.
I'm waiting for the dominatrix outfit. Mmmmm.... leather.
I want the disruptor!
Keep in mind that -- in theory, this is not something I know -- items/descriptions might pop up that could be considered spoilers for the final three. I doubt items will appear quickly enough for that to happen, but you never know.
Rumor is this isn't the only Dollhouse-related auction that's in the works, either. And by "rumor" I mean, "give me a week or two to finalize details and I'll give you all the charity-laden info." :)
Yeah, I'm holding off for RayHill's thing. (Except maybe not! Different thing).

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The only things I'd want are some of Topher's t-shirts. Just so I could gift them to Fran, who was so disappointed he didn't get to keep them in the first place. :-)
If Enver's for sale, I might take out a mortgage. Two for one with Tahmoh, I might take out a second mortgage.
I want Alpha's suit.
How much for the set?
I want one of Alpha's knifes. I hear they're good for slicing raw meat. ]:->
The Manolo Blahniks brought back memories of an NPR Oscar Contest in which I was one of the winners (it was the year Helen Mirren won for The Queen, I think). Anyway, probably wrong size and I can't abide pointy toes like that, but they are very pretty. I'd go for the earrings/pendant but it just got too spendy.

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I'm holding out for Sierra's shoes, the zip-up ones.
Holy Jesus, I love those zip-up shoes- me wantee! Adelle always has great shoes too, but they wouldn't fit me. And if I'm buying Manolos, I'm wearing them, dammit.
It's gotten awfully Sex and the City in here. They need to auction some weaponry, stat.
I want the giant tree from the art room. Or one of the sun things from the shower room.
You know what I would truly love to have, now that I think about it? Priya/Sierra's dark figure/bird painting. Even if they put it up for auction, it would be terribly expensive.
I believe Mo tweeted at some point that some of that artist's other work was being sold for charity. Does that sound familiar to anyone?
I just emailed the Adelle shoe link to my daughter. The right size, and she would love them. They're a bit pricey, but I expect her to show up begging for the cash any minute now.
I did some googling and found her. Artist is Brooke Reidt and it looks from the page I'll link that the painting may be offered through the Fox Auctions:

Page with Brooke's work

About 3/4 of the way down you'll see it and what she says about the auction. It would be cool if someone from W got it. Then I can come visit you and gaze at it... :=)
Where does the money go? Actually, these items are relatively inexpensive, considering what they are.
The money goes to 20th Century Fox or another Fox subsidiary.
Hope they auction off one of the Doll extras!
I'd love Echos outfit from the dance scene in the pilot and the one she wears in "Echoes". But unlikely I could afford them even if they did come up.
Annoyed about the size of those suede boots, they're so nice!
I know this is a hecka'late post, but did they auction off the dominatrix outfit? I want that on my wall! My mother would be so proud. *snicker*

So bummed we missed these auctions!!

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