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January 07 2010

Syfy original movie House of Bones premieres January 16th. The movie stars Charisma Carpenter.

Should be a fun watch. Yes Syfy movies are not usually quality works, but Charisma's addition should make it worth a viewing.

But will it be a Mammoth beater?
In what way, Simon? That it's actual quality is gonna be higher or that the sheer ridonkulous factor is gonna be so high that Summer acting against extraterrestrial-reanimated mammonth remains is gonna seem like on-the-ball Joss in comparison? I ask because I'd be cool with either ;D
I would'nt hold it to such lofty expectations just yet.

Im sure it will beat out Rock Monster and Copperhead though. ; )

Didnt Amy Acker star in a syfy dragon flick Fire and Ice? Any other Whedon alums appeared in Syfy original films?

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But will it be a Mammoth beater?

It's still the gold-standard.

(I guess if it's a house of mammoth bones then it has to be - an entire house surely beats a single mammoth, that's just arithmetic)
Any other Whedon alums appeared in Syfy original films?

Amber Benson was in that one with the Gryphon, James Marsters was in the alien invasion/western, Morena Baccarin (and Adam Baldwin ?) were in something to do with sand...

Sorry, someone else will have to do actual titles but there've been quite a few.
"Gryphon", "High Plains Invaders", "Sands of Oblivion" (with Morena and Adam as Alice & Jesse Carter, archeologists.)

There now. My good deed for the day. ; >
Cheers for the Random Act of Kindness QG ;).
I just watched the trailer and it seems to me that it wasn't too long ago that I viewed a DVD movie (can't recall the title of it tho) with a premise that's very nearly the same as this one.
"Bungalow of Bones" ?
Wasn't Nick Brendon in one about living fire? I believe Nick played...a fireman.

ADDENDUM: Yep, it was called "Fire Serpent" (2007) per IMDB.

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Sadly if I still had cable I'd probably watch this, cuz I love Corin Nemec too. Parker Lewis!
If i hadd the syfy channel id watch it, maybe theyll put it on hulu

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