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January 07 2010

Vote for Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hello's Most Attractive Woman of 2009 poll. Get everyone with a computer, but only tell them if you know they will vote for her!!!

I tweaked your entry to make it a bit more front page-able.
Where's whar Cheryl ?

Vote cast anyway though we may have a bit of a hill to climb.
This was a no-brainer for me to vote for, as in my opinion Sarah is by FAR the most attractive on this poll. Like whole other ballpark attractive.
Very true LATIN. GREAT SIMON!!!!
Oh wow, that's tough competition (to other people). I hope the Whedonverse comes out in full force for this one. Stupid Twilight winning everything.

Admittedly, I do love Britney but she has more than enough support.
It would be preferable if you used lower-case, capslock posts looks like shouting.
I was shouting!! But I won't in the future, no prob
This poll is quite uni-racial (or mono-racial).
repy to ef post ~ Mariah Carey is mixed, half white half black
Hmm. I don't much care for these 'whose teh hottest' polls.
yeah, me too. But I heard that there were awards this week that the fans voted for and I stumbled on to this poll and saw how low SMG was on it. Just think of it as something that she isn't winning and that she could win and we could help her win. I would rather it was for sumthing else, but Hello magazine is a known magazine. Wouldn't it be cool if all her fans made it so that it is said that all her fans think she is a very beautiful woman?
I don't really care about this kind of polls. Still...

Come on people! She's losing by a long shot! Let's kick some Twilight ass! Vote SMG!
I honestly can't see why these sexist lists, articles and polls are repeatedly being posted on a site dedicated to a feminist artist.
We have just as many "Who’s the sexiest vampire!" polls linked on this website. Why is it only sexist if it's about women?
We are turning this poll into something else. This is to show everyone that we think Sarah Michelle Gellar is a beautiful woman. It is a loud cry from the whedonesque peeps, from the slayerettes from the young women who grew up watching this empowering intelligent woman on telivision (we also count the men, but a great female role model means a lil more to a female teen). Yes Sarah isn't Buffy, but Buffy wouldn't have been Buffy without Sarah. Yes polls like this are odd, I think just about everyone here would agree on that. We could go on about it, but I think we would just be preaching to the choir. Turn the tables on this whose more atactive then whom poll nonsense and make it something for Sarah from the men and women who look up to her, who think she is beautiful body, soul and mind, and we don't even know the half of it, in terms of what you can know about a person when you hang wit them.

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WOW! THe Twilight peeps are out in force.
Where are all the SMG, BTVS, ATS etc fans? SMG 781 -- Twilight 5568
I'm really ashamed to say that I got caught up in Hello Voting Madness last year, when the rallying call went out for David Tennant to take on Robert Pattinson. Don't do it, my friends! Back away now and leave your cookies alone. There's nothing that can be done to stop the Twilight surge and you have better things to do than balllot-stuff a silly poll.
vampmogs (disregarding for a moment the fact that trying to equate the extent to which women are judged by their looks to the extent men are is ridicules) – it is obviously not. I don't see what are those doing here either.
People like the polls and they're a chance to support the actors. I won't argue there aren't issues of sexism and double standards coming into play in many of them, because there definitely are. We link to more thoughtful articles exploring that as well, and people can discuss their responses to the polls in the comments. Joss's work is multi-dimensional and so is the fandom. If you want to discuss it further Tsui Vator feel free to email.
But where are all these Twilight people coming from. Why aren't there more Buffy people. Is it just because we are more likely not to get caught up in these kinds of things. Coz we really aren't are we. I just wanted to see if we could do it. If one could acctually rally the troops and do this. Do we, the whedon fans, have any power over anything. Or if we do, is it only for sumthing else that requires a vote?
Post here also, I wanna hear. I'm following along.
Can we at leaast get her into the thousands. I've been typing to everyone. Maybe the Twilights will give up and we'll give them a run for there money. I mean if we are on the net anyway. We are folks from all around the world also, we can take shifts. LOL I'm still wondering about my earlier question if someone who has been around long who would know could reply, and say so, that would be cool
There aren't "all these" Twilight people. There are just a small number of hard-core fans, who sit on their computers most of the day, every day, voting every couple of seconds (not every 10 minutes). It's easy to do. Refresh the voting page a couple of times and see how regularly the vote goes up by the same number each time. That's the actual number of people voting, but they're just doing it over and over again.
ZeeBuffyBot, it's a poll from a celebrity gossip magazine. It's not exactly the best match for Buffy fandom traffic since many of us are more bemused than motivated by such polls. She'll likely get a bump in rankings from your post here but the Twilight fandom is currently in possession of the fierce online fandom baton. SMG gets to continue to be awesome whether it registers at Hello! or not.

Post here also, I wanna hear. I'm following along.

No, I've explained why the post is ok, any more discussion about what posts stay or go is welcome but not here, over email.
At least in the AfterElton poll promoting Neil, there was a continuing story that was beneficial to AE's website, and to the LGBT population. It was winking, not leering, and not sophomoric. That being said, thankfully this is not in the league of topics of years past with simply a picture ogling a Buffy actor jogging, or Pajiba's bangable actor of the year or whatever it was. Sarah is beautiful. I just wish there were a more compelling reason to feature things like this.

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One, you can only vote every 10 minutes, believe you me. Two, good point. It is very late and I'm not thinking that well it seems. But it would seem that the number of people voting again again are more than the ones for SMG. Also it seems that only when the word got out did it start to go up for SMG. I think the whedon fans are trying their best. I'd like to think that if we lose to Twilight but are in the thousands, that it was only because we are cooler. We make our presence known by bumping it up to a better number, and then bowing out and letting those few people, who sat at their computers for far to long, just have it. I know I'll be powering down by the time it hits a thousand. To all who are voting, stop before it hits 2 thousand, and it will mean that we stopped on purpose. But not to close to 2 thousand for those who want to vote and never got this msg.
My reason was, well it was more of a question, can one person rally the troops. I stumbled upon this poll and thought because it was a known magazine could we make an impact. I'm new to the net, and the Buffy forums. I'm posting the words, looking for the responses. I guess Beating Twilight and B. Spears isn't a compelling reason. But when you are up far to late and are wielding the mighty force of the computer keys, you get the urge to cast a line and see what comes of it.
Be cool, ZBB. It's not going to kill anyone if SMG loses out to the Twilight tweens. We all know she's much lovelier, and we don't need to win every internet poll in order to prove it.
It might kill me if I don't get off this computer, damn bright screens. Not taking it to heart or anythin here guys. It is like I said
Eh, I thought the AfterElton poll was pretty shallow actually. Fun, so why not, but in the end these things are more about popularity than anything else. It was fun to see it become a meme but it wasn't really much more than that.
YEAH PEEPS! Question! Do we have to post a story to have a discussion. Or can you just start a thread? See ~I wanna know what everyone really thinks about the whole Twitter thing, because it seems to me that not many here would be into that whole thing. Or am I wrong. But it is like my sis said, the celebs have a forum to get the truth out about themselves. We all know about rumors and that it can be much harder for the celebs. But it is the fact that so many people seem interested in the fact that Juliet Landau is going to the gym or what Julie benz is having for dinner and that they feel compelled to share that. Possible because it would mean that they were not posting enough or not doing the Twitter thing right.
ZBB: you should read over the site rules-- that should answer most of your questions. And pay attention to what gets posted here versus what is deleted (and why). Reading what other people post for awhile to get a sense of the place is usually a good idea if you're unsure what makes for a good post.

There's also which is for more discussion.
Lets check the sideview mirrors and apply the brake as necessary.

I think most in the room love Sarah and won't be swayed by any poll. Relax a bit and stay awhile, you'll see.
Holy cow! I just went over to see the numbers and we should all be thankful no whedonverse are in the male category, they have R.Pattz at over 13,000 votes. So that shows that most voters are either crazy teens or the mothers.
Voted for Renee Zellweger because her vote total just wasn't right. :)
*salutes TamaraC* ;)

Let's keep the heid here folks, it's a bit of fluffy nonsense, we've had literally hundreds of links to similarly fluffy nonsense (sexiest vampire, sexiest male vampire, sexiest man, sexiest woman, sexiest blah blah blah) and i'm sure we'll have hundreds more. And they'll all continue to mean exactly nothing.
It's a pretty poor selection isn't it. It seems more of a popularity contest as opposed to a genuine poll on the sole factor of attractiveness. I'd say SMG, Kate Beckinsale and Avril Lavigne are the only remotely attractive women on the list.

Yet thanks to Hannigan and Benson, I haven't found SMG particularly attractive for nearly ten years. Therefore I abstained.

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